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己巳 - Ji Si 己巳(Earth Snake)

Positive Negative

Getting to Know
Ji Si 己巳(Earth Snake)
General Observations:
The Ji Si is represented by the jade that formed from the
slow and consistent movement of the earth that creates
high temperature and pressure. In life, the Ji Si have their
focus on the quest for knowledge, and they would go
through certain period of endurance in acquiring them.
This process is similar to how a jade is formed, as it takes
a period of transition before a natural rock can be turned
into beautiful jade.
The Ji Si woman is known for her warmth and
compassion. Life is relatively smooth for her as she
always managed to find enough resources in her life to
get by. As for the Ji Si man, he will enjoy a life in the
limelight, as he likes the glamour and being in the centre
of attention.
In general, Ji Si individuals possess a wonderful blend
of resilience, determination, magnetism and charm. As
visionaries, they have plenty of energy and stamina to
help fuel their work. For this reason, they are ambitious,
tenacious and always conscious of their goals.
By incorporating adventure and variety into their daily
life, they are able to achieve their objectives and goals
in life. Their resourceful and daring nature is likely to
push them further and be willing to take chances. What
they learn and experience in life, both the good and the
bad, give them the motivation to continuously improve
Individuals of this Pillar have a deep quest for knowledge.
This quest for education and understanding is vital to
their success and ensures the development of their talents
and skills. They often take their thirst for knowledge a
step further by deepening their understanding of spiritual
matters. They invest a lot of time doing this and enjoy
the benefits of a broader universal perspective, while
seeking for a life-long path in knowledge attainment.
Ji Si individuals usually have good fortune. They are
born with a star that dissolves negative conditions.
Hence whenever they face difficulties in life, help is
always around the corner. Hardly do they ever have
anything to worry about in life, and their smooth and
easy luck helps them to attain what they want.
Though they have no problems generating wealth,
they must still guard themselves from being blinded by
material concerns to a point that they lose track of their
priorities. Otherwise, they risk depleting their resources
faster than they earn them.
The Ji Si are articulate individuals, which makes them
good speakers and storytellers with the ability to
mesmerize and inspire an audience. Their eloquence
stems from their love of knowledge and language,
cultivated from much reading and studying. This power
of speech and a way with words makes them natural
charismatic leaders. Their leadership approach leans
towards the sharing and teaching of the knowledge and
wisdom they had acquired to others.
Impatience and intolerance brings out the domineering
side of the Ji Si when things do not proceed in the way
they hoped for in their rush to see instant results. It can
be self-sabotaging for the Ji Si if this attitude rears its ugly
head towards others. Thus, becoming their own worst
enemy to success if they do not learn to see the bigger
picture and appreciate long-term results.
The Ji Si will always have money flowing in and out of their
life. However, to truly become wealthy and financially
stable, it is crucial for these individuals to learn how to
manage their finances. This will help prevent them from
falling into periods of temporary monetary desperation.
The Ji Si have an inherently happy-go-lucky attitude
when it comes to money. But, in the ever-changing and
demanding society where money is needed for security,
comfort and for good health, financial stability is fast
becoming a necessity. For the Ji Si who is not so naturally
concerned about finance, this could mean they may
face cashflow problems at times. Hence, better financial
management and financial literacy is essential. This can
also prevent a fear of financial instability forcing them to
make unwanted choices.
Where family relations are concerned, the Ji Si will have
little support or blessings from their own family and
spouse. This means that their success and achievements
will have to be done through their own efforts and
determination. In this sense, the Ji Si are essentially
independent and tend to work on their own without the
help from others, and this solo arrangement suits them
Key Character Traits of the Ji Si 己巳:
• Spiritual
• Witty
• Independent
• Concerned with Material Gain
• Knowledgeable
• Intelligent
• Charismatic
• Hasty
• Humanitarian
• Prideful

Work Life
Professional Self
With their strong independent spirit, the Ji Si are the
kind of people who prefers to give orders than to take
it. They thrive in leadership roles, and they usually
perform better in a position of authority and have a
knack for assessing issues and resolving problems. This
is why people tend to turn to them when crisis arises as
they can always come up with a practical solution for it.
Alternatively, they are able to collaborate within a group
that doesn’t stifle the way they work.
The Ji Si are more inclined to be workaholics. They are
dedicated to their work, and at times, they can be too
committed in their career and business that everything
else in life just fades into the background. They need to
be reminded that there is more to life than just work.
Family, personal life, health and self-development are
also equally important to maintain a good balance in
Career Options
Many career options would be viable for the Ji Si.
Teaching and lecturing are positive vocations for Ji Si
individuals because it allows them to put their quest
for knowledge to good use. They enjoy disseminate
information and because it is requires of them as an
educator, they also learn how to improve their craft and
widen their knowledge.
Those who would prefer using their pragmatic skills
would do well to explore potential careers in asset
management, real estate, banking, or the stock market.
Because they do not like to take orders, they may be
suited for running and operating their own business
as an entrepreneur. This is also consistent with their
independent stance, as they will perform their best when
they march to the beat of their own drum.
Their humanitarian nature could lead to a career in
medicine or healing. Or even, if they prefer, to go into
politics with the aim to transform lives and help the
masses. This desire to help others would also make them
ideal statesmen, counsellors or psychologists, careers that
are mentally-stimulating. This enables them to learn
while assisting others.
Furthermore, their interest in spiritual matters may have
them leading a life of dedication to religion and spiritual
Key Character Traits of the Ji Si 己巳:
Work life
• Organized
• Fair
• Hardworking
• Friendly
• Understanding
• Balanced
• Pragmatic
• Rigid
• Bossy
• Hidden Affections
• Strict
• Cynical
• Domineering
• Lack of financial literacy

Love and Relationships

When it comes to love, Ji Si individuals are understanding,
caring, and harmonious. They are highly protective of
their loved ones and will do anything in order to look
out for those they care about.
They are often drawn to powerful individuals who have
good social standing. They are also interested in others
who are mentally stimulating and share their interests in
activities. Because Ji Si individuals are so focused on their
career, it is common for them to forge their partnerships
at work.
Although Ji Si individuals are warm and loving, they
do not always express their feelings. Their emotional
inhibitions can make them seem detached and cool. In
addition, they have a stubborn streak that can lead to
fighting in relationships. However, most quarrelling in
their relationships will not last long.
When it comes to friendship, they are dynamic, practical,
and protective. They work hard for the people that they
love and they expect this in return. Just like in their love
life, most Ji Si friendships are forged at work. This is
because that it is where they spend most of their time
and energy.
In their relationships, they should be careful that
indecision or moodiness does not dampen their happiness.
If relationships do not turn out as expected, the Ji Si may
become bossy, pushy and even domineering. Little does
this person know, it is through these negative attitudes
that his or her relationship finally crumbles down under
to the strain.
Married life for Ji Si individuals is generally harmonious.
The Ji Si is a devoted parent and the children produced
are smart and intelligent, just as how a bright and
promising learner/student should be.
Marriage for the Ji Si woman can be a little more
difficult as they tend to marry workaholics. There is
also the potential for fertility problems. Once they do
have children, they should be careful not to become
Key Character Traits of the Ji Si 己巳:
Love & Relationships
• Loyal and overprotective
• Attracted to powerful and intelligent people
• Yearns for mental and spiritual stimulation
• Most socialization comes from work
• Tendency to be pushy
Famous Personalities
Barack Obama – The 44th President of the United
States and the first African American to hold
office. He is currently serving his second term in
office, and was also awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace
Henry Kravis - American businessman and
co-founder of private equity firm, Kohlberg,
Kravis, Roberts & Co. He is one of the richest
man in the world with the net worth of US$ 4.5
billion (2013).
Source: Wikipedia (June 2013)

Technical Analysis
The Fire element brings nobility and an auspicious future
for the individual of this Pillar. These people are likely to
be strong, perseverant and intelligent. This Pillar sits on
the Direct Resource 正印星, Rob Wealth 劫財星and
Hurting Officer 傷官星Stars. The Direct Resource Star
bestows the Ji Si individuals with the thirst and yearning
for knowledge. This love of knowledge instills them the
desire to continuously learn and gain new experiences in
life. Knowledge for them, gives them potential power
in their career and life. On the other hand, the Hurting
Officer Star gives them the gift of speech and charisma,
which boost their ability to teach, educate and influence
other people with their knowledge. Because the Ji Si Pillar
sees the Hurting Officer Star together with the Resource
Star in the Branch, it is an indication of potentially
significant prosperity, when these two Stars are activated.
When these two Stars are seen on the Stems of this Chart
or during the early few Luck Pillars, it is considered as
favourable. However, this Pillar would be less favourable
if the Hurting Officer Star were to meet with the Rob
Wealth Star on the Stems instead. This configuration
suggests that the individual may face frequent battles
with petty-minded people throughout his/her life.
The Ji Si individual likes order and stability. They are
energetic, practical and determined. Ambitious and
organised, they are very likely to achieve success through
sheer hard work and perseverance. All this are the
attributes of a hidden Rob Wealth Star 劫財星.
Creative and idealistic, the Ji Si individual likes to
inspire people. They may aspire quickly to management
positions as they like to be in a position of control. They
have a very good business sense and their employees are
likely to describe them as frank and firm but fair. These
are the attributes of the Geng Metal 庚金, where this
Pillar sits upon the Hurting Officer Star.
The Ji Si individual craves security and they are very
aware of the benefits of a firm foundation for themselves
and their families. They like to live in a harmonious
environment and they are very attached to the home
with a strong inclination toward domesticity. Nurturing
children comes naturally to them and they make
wonderful parents. They will have a well ordered home
but they may need to learn how to be more thrifty
and economical in order to avoid periods of financial
insecurity. These are the attributes of the prosperous
Direct Resource Star 正印星.
Although the Ji Si is very compassionate and caring, they
may struggle to be able to show their more sensitive side.
They are very proud and may not be comfortable being
demonstrative. They often need to work to overcome
their tendency to be over-critical and their controlling
nature may make them domineering and authoritative.
This is due to the negative nature of a prosperous Wu
Earth 戊土, which comes from the Rob Wealth Star 劫
Technical Observations
The image used to represent the Ji Si 己巳is a single grain
growing on top of a peak, located high above sea level
where the air is very dry. Despite its position, there is still
potential for the grain to receive adequate moisture but
in this position the rain will quickly run away. Therefore,
regardless of where the Ji Earth 陰土Pillar appears in the
Chart, there is an indication that the Ji Si can withstand the
rain but will not abide dryness.
This Pillar is often seen as being symbolic of beauty and
prosperity. It is favourable for this Pillar to meet with
additional Metal 金, Water 水, and Wood 木elements. It
is fortunate if they are able to avoid meeting with excessive
Fire 火and Earth 土elements in the Chart or Luck Pillars
as these will have a less positive impact on their chart.
The position of this Day Pillar is little too dry. Dry Metal
inside the Si 巳(Snake) cannot produce the necessary
Water element. Without Water, this Ji Earth does not have
the ability to grow and support Wood, which is the key
task of all Ji 己stems. That is why any further meeting
of Fire element will completely dries up the Water within
the Ji. The indication here is that the individual may
squander any inheritance they may receive or perhaps waste
opportunities that are presented to them in life.
In the Chart if the Ji 己is not influenced by any other
additional Fire element, the Si 巳itself will be the sole
dominant Fire element (which also represents religious or
spiritual matters). This indicates an individual who is more
inclined towards the study of spirituality. This is a positive
sign as spiritual attainments would be their salvation. They
will achieve wisdom and inner peace, and are likely to turn
to it as their salvation in times of need. In many cases, Ji Si
individuals are the least unlikely to be enticed by worldly
temptations like greed, hatred, lust or gluttony. If this
Pillar meets with a Bing Fire 陽火(Resource Star) at the
Stem of the Chart, this individual has the prospect to attain
a very high social status.
For the Ji Si woman there may be negative indications in
terms of her marriage. This is because for a Ji woman, Jia
Wood 甲木is her Husband Star. This is because the Wood
木element perishes in the Summer months. Hence, it
denotes that her affinity with her husband (Wood element)
is generally weak. Much effort on her part is needed if she
desires a long and steady relationship. She must learn to
control her emotions (as represented by the strong Fire
Resource Star) and never let temper, anger and suspicion
cloud her mind and judgment towards her spouse.
The Ji Si’s Mother Star (the Fire element) also sits inside
the Spouse Palace. This suggests that her mother will have a
tremendous influence in her married life, potentially to the
husband’s detriment. In extreme cases, where the Jia Wood
Stem is located above or next to a Water element, also it
is an indication that the Ji Si woman’s husband may steal
wealth away from her. This is because the Water (wealth
element for a Ji Earth Chart) is a crucial element for both
the Ji and the Jia. Since Jia sits on the Water, this element is
removed from Ji. If the Ji Si lady is a wealthy and successful
career woman, it might be wise to insist their husband sign
a pre-nuptial agreement before they wed.
For the Ji Si men, the Wife Star sits inside the Hai 亥(Pig)
Branch. Since the Si 巳(Snake) inherently clashes with
the Hai 亥(Pig), this carries unfavourable indications for
his relationships. Perhaps, it may be better for them to
regard their marriage as a contract or alliance rather than a
romance. He would fare better if he is able to choose a wife
who shares his career path and goals, as this joint interest
and career direction will help to provide the couple with a
common foundation to work on. It would be good too if
the wife is also his best friend in life. This would reduce the
hidden-clash effect of this Pillar.
The Si 巳(Snake) contains the Wu 戊Earth (at the
Thriving 祿Stage of the 12 Growth Phases of BaZi). This
suggests an individual who may exude a rather quiet,
severe and enigmatic façade in life that other people will
generally find them unapproachable and unfriendly. It is
possible that even their friends and family has difficulty
understanding them and are unable to get past the Ji Si’s
guarded exterior to really know them well.
Ji Si individuals born in the Spring and Summer seasons
are likely to be very quick-witted, while those born in the
Winter or Autumn months are more likely to have a strong
and steady character. Ji Si individuals born during the
daylight hours (5AM – 5PM) are very likely to live long
and prosperous lives. Those born during the night (5PM
– 5AM) will have to work hard to achieve success through
their own efforts as they are unlikely to receive much help
or support from the people around them. It is inauspicious
for a Ji Si person to be born in the Mao 卯(Rabbit) month,
these people may work very hard and still find that they are
unable to achieve as much as they had hoped.