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Q: You didn’t do anything else that day?

A: Nothing more I was just at home that day – I was pacifying my mom and told her to come
inside the house then I gave her a drink of water.

Q: Around what time was that incident?

A: Around 11:30 – there are still a lot of people outside

Q: Then March 17, Saturday what happened?

A: March 17, I woke up at around 9 am because mama already went to work that morning.

Q: You are just at home around 9 am to 12 pm?

A: Yes, I was home together with my younger sibling. Around 12 pm my mama went home then
we ate together then after that I washed the dishes while mama was outside talking with our
. At around afternoon me and my younger brother were sleeping while my mama was outside.

Q: Then?

A: After me and my brother wake up, we just stayed at our house. In the evening I went with my
mama to buy food for dinner then we ate then I washed the dishes while my mama was in front
of our house to use her cellphone (to use facebook).

Q: Around what time was that?

A: It was around 9:30pm when mama was outside until around 11 pm onwards we (with my
brother) were with her outside the house just talking. It was that night when Ms. Carmencita
started to confront us again and that is when mama got fed up of Ms. Carmencita.

Q: What was Ms. Carmencita doing?

A: She is shouting again saying that it was already late in the evening but there are still people
outside. After Ms. Carmencita and my mama shouted at each other, the mom of Ms. Carmencita
arrived and she told her mom that their house is being disrespected. Ms. Carmencita’s mom
asked why they are being disrespected and mama told her that it was her daughter whom she
should pacify. Me and my brother was just outside our house trying to calm our mother down
because is very angry that time. If my mama would not let her anger out, something wrong
might happen to her because my mama’s face is already red in anger. It was that time that
mama Ms. Carmencita said that my mama is a whore. My mama said that she only had to sons
and that we have the same father.

Q: What did you do after that?

A: I tried to pacified my mom and that was when Ms. Carmencita’s mom brought out a baseball
bat. She went down because my mama already approached the gate of their house.

Q: Where were you when your mama approached Ms. Carmencita’s house?
A: I was behind my mama. Ms. Carmencita’s mom may have thought that I might do something
to her because she is already old that is why she got the umbrella that was on her gate and
stabbed me in the chest which caused an injury but I wasn’t able to get a medical.

Q: Do you have a picture of that?

A: None, it was like a long scratch that was bleeding because the pointy end of the umbrella was
made of metal.

Q: What happened after that?

A: After that, I was trying to calm my mama down but I can’t calm her anymore.

Q: What was your reaction when you got injured by the umbrella?

A: My reaction was I didn’t do anything, I just let it be because she is already old and I don’t
retaliate against older people. I was pacifying my mama and I pulled her away from Ms.
Carmencita’s mom. It was then when Ms. Carmencita threatened us that she will come to our
school to humiliate me and my younger brother and get us kicked out of school.

Q: Who will come to your school?

A: Ms. Carmencita

Q: To whom did she said that?

A: To me. She was shouting it to me. She was saying our names Paolo and Ikker.

Q: What was her entire statement? Can you repeat her entire statement?

A: She told us that “I will go to your school Paolo and Ikker. I will get you kicked out of your
school then I will humiliate you there”

Q: After she said that what did you do?

A: Nothing, we did not react. We just let our mom argue with them.

Q: What time did the incident end?

A: around 2 am, the incident involving us was only short, it was usually my mom whom they
argued against.

Q: Was this the time when you went to the ---

A: Yes, it was the time when we went to the barangay. I haven’t told my mom yet that I had an
injury. It was only when we went home from the barangay that ---

Q: Are you wearing a shirt that time

A: Yes, I was wearing a shirt.

Q: Was there a damage to the shirt?

A: None sir, it was a long scratch but there was no scar and there was no blood stain in the shirt.
It was more of a scratch.

Q: There was no blood?

A: None sir, it easily healed because if it didn’t healed quickly, we would gotten a medical. It was
already healing the next day.

Q: Until what time did you wait in the barangay?

A: Around 30 mins. Because I was waiting for mama. She was writing her statement about the

Q: Then?

A: Then we went home after that.

Q: Around what time did you went home?

A: Around 3 am

Q: Did you went straight to your house?

A: Yes, I went straight home. Around 3 in the morning.

Q: Did your mama stayed outside?

A: She went inside as well.

Q: then you went to sleep? What time?

A: It was already morning, We were just inside the house.

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