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Yi Si 乙巳(Wood Snake)

Positive Imagery Negative Imagery

Yi Si 乙巳(Wood Snake)
General Observations:
The visual representation of the Yi Si is the dense florafound on elevated terrain, like
mountains. This is whythe Yi Si is seen as the highest among all of the other YiPillars. They
are often optimistic, out-going, superiorand ostentatious. Endowed with remarkable
optimism,they are responsible citizens who take charge and makeimpact.
Perfectionists at heart, their natural thoroughness andtheir keen sense of concentration,
allows them to quicklyunderstand new concepts and methods. They havethe ability to
present fresh unusual perspectives withpractical value.
For many born under this Pillar, financial mattersseem to dominate their attention. Perhaps
this should
be expected since they are gifted with innate businesslogic. Being versatile and
competitive, they have the
potential to commercialize their various talents in orderto make money. When they allow
their intuition to
guide them, they experience greater timely businessaccomplishments.
It is easy for them to express their powerful emotionand strong desire. They are
humanitarians who display agreat degree of compassion and a willingness to
supportothers. Harmony and security is important to them andthey regard home and
family as particularly important.If they can conceive clear and defined goals, they willsoar.
Discipline and self-mastery are necessary to bringout the best of their talents.
Luck is not on their side during the early years. Theymeet great resistance while young, but
experience muchsmoother lives as they mature.
Despite their flair for finances, they do become worriedand anxious about money. It can
sometimes interferewith their ability to resolve problems and find easysolutions. During
times of doubt, they can get a leg upby calling upon their bright outlook, inspirational
ideasand communication skills.
Yi Si individuals often take on abnormal amountsof stress when they become preoccupied
with their
ambitions. They tend to take things too seriously, whichis an extension of their sensitivity
and strong desires.These same intense desires can turn into irrationaltenacity, which can
cause a slip-up or downfall.
Their natural tendency to be stubborn, and skepticalcan be overcome by learning to
develop their faith and
allowing spontaneity in their lives. They should alsoconsider cultivating a regular meditation
routine for
heightened awareness and intuition.
Key Character Traits of the Yi Si 乙巳:
• Optimistic
• Outgoing
• Gifted
• Ostentatious
• Go-getters
• Perfectionist
• Financially Astute

Work Life

Professional Self
Yi Si individuals have an endless flow of creative ideas that
they bring to any vocation they are in. Their keen intellect,
practical thinking and communication skills help them to
succeed in their chosen field.
They have an intuitive understanding of people, which
makes them ideal in the fields of psychology.
However, they are especially skillful at managing large
projects revolving around law or politics. They possess a
natural executive ability and an innate understanding of
the business world. Once others comprehend this, they will
support and admire them.
Career Options
Their keen minds would be put to great use if they
chose careers in writing, teaching, research, or information
technology. Yi Si individuals would find these professions
satisfying and enhancing to their mental skills.
They have a great chance in the fields of writing and
communications because of their constant original ideas.
Many Yi Si individuals choose to use their keen analytical
minds in the areas of science, research, or medicine. Not to be
limited to these areas, they would also make good candidates
in the realms of philosophy, religion or metaphysics.
Politics or a form of entertainment may be a natural draw for
their innate sense for the dramatic.
They are also endowed with highly developed organizational
skills that equip them for success in business or positions of
authority. Should they choose to be a manager, administrator
or executor, their talents would be put to good use.
Their ability to assess and understand human nature makes
them great candidates for positions in psychology, advisory
or even therapy. They would find any of these rewarding and
Those whose interests lean more towards humanitarian
causes would be quite at home in philanthropic work, social
reform or care-giving professions.
Key Character Traits of the Yi Si 乙巳:
Work life
• Well organized
• Self-disciplined
• Hardworking
• Enthusiastic
• Responsible
• Procrastinator
• Domineering
• Tenacious
• Rebellious
• Rigid

Love and Relationships

Yi Si individuals must carefully choose their life
partner. Sensitive and compassionate, the partner of
Yi Si individuals will witness a wide range of powerful
emotions. They crave love, affection, stability and
security. They are painstakingly honest and should never
be misunderstood.
The same degree of honesty used in the beginning of
the relationship should be used throughout in order to
ensure that the loving relationship lasts. Once established
in a relationship, they realize it is vital to maintain a
balance between sacrifice and independence.
Even though they have a yearning for love and affection,
it doesn’t suppress their desire for stimulating company.
Because of this, they should never allow their main
relationship to become dull.
Encountering new situations or unexpected events can
cause them a degree of unrest. If they become too
involved in a relationship early on, they may find
themselves losing interest as time passes. It would be wise
to take the relationship slow in the beginning and allow
time to form a loving union.
Yi Si individuals possess a sociable personality. This trait
has a captivating presence on others and is very often the
reason they are sought out as friends. Entertaining is a
joy for them, it allows them to exercise their gregarious
They are generous with their emotions when among
those they truly care for and they are frequently attracted
to others they admire.
They are sometimes private and secretive, which may
emit misguided signals of cold indifference.
Yi Si individuals require a great deal of love, affection
and security. They are sincere and able to enhance the
emotional relationships of those closest to them. Best
described as a tower of strength, they are always among
the first to support family members who are in need.
The female Yi Si tend to be powerful and successful and
are likely to marry a less dominant male. The husband,
additionally, must be accepting of this situation in order
for the union to flourish. The male Yi Si tends to be
fearful of his wife and more often than not is controlled
by her.
Those of this Pillar may also discover that their closest
relationships can be more harmonious once they begin
developing patience towards them. Their impatience
may come from the fact that they possess a wide range
of emotions.
Key Character Traits of the Yi Si 乙巳:
Love & Relationships
Famous Personalities
Audrey Hepburn – British actress and fashion
icon. She is famous for her role in the classic film,
Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – The wife of John F.
Kennedy, the 35th President of United States. She
later married Greek shipping magnate, Aristotle
Onassis. She was also a style icon in her time.
Source: Wijipedia (June 2013)

Technical Analysis

BaZi Day Pillar Analytics 日柱分析

時Hour 日Day 月Month 年Year
In many cases, the efforts of Yi Si individuals will come
to benefit others rather than themselves due to the
presence of the Fire 火element in the form of Si 巳
(Snake) in the Earthly Branch. This weakens the Yi 乙
(Wood) in the BaZi Chart. It is likely that they will,
however, still be working toward their own self interest
even if the common perception is that they are being
completely selfless.
Yi Si individuals are likely to experience an increase in
fortune if their Day Pillar sits on the Hurting Officer
Star 傷官星, the Direct Wealth Star 正財星or the
Direct Officer Star 正官星. This suggests that they will
encounter many opportunities for investment which
could bring them a great deal of financial security if they
are wise and make the most of their resources.
Yi Si individuals have the capacity to achieve an incredible
amount of success. They are energetic, determined and
practical. Also perceptive, intuitive and creative they
enjoy solving problems and getting to the bottom of
mysteries, they have sharp minds and are able to respond
quickly to any situation. The Yi Si individual craves
victory and this may be the main driving force behind
their sense of purpose.
Yi Si individuals value security. They may be prone to
bouts of worry over financial and career security whether
real or imagined. They work hard to create a strong
foundation for their families and the male in particular
may choose to marry late. The Yi Si person appreciates
calm and balance perspective in their personal lives.
They have an easy going nature and are honest and loyal
with a great sense of justice.
The Yi Si can however lack discipline, a situation
that is particularly heightened if the Hurting Officer
Star 傷官星meets with the Officer Star 官星at the
Branches in the BaZi chart. As they are restless and
idealistic and this can mean they may suffer an almost
constant sense of dissatisfaction which compels them
to seek change. This can be a good thing if they are
able to use it to power their ambition but it can also
make them rather rebellious. It would not be unusual
for them to completely abandon their chosen path
and waste their vision on impossible schemes. It may
also be unwise for the Yi Si to join the military if this
configuration is found in their Chart as their lack
of discipline may lead them to discovering a rather
violent side to their nature.
Technical Observations
It is a good sign for the Yi Si Pillar to meet with additional
Metal 金or Water 水elements alongside Ji 己Earth in
the Chart. This will help the individual to capitalize on
their skills and will make them successful, particularly if
they choose an academic or scholarly path. This will be
further benefited if the Day Pillar meets with Bing 丙
Fire in the Chart.
This Pillar must not be Punished 刑or Clashed 沖by
any negative elements present in other Pillars. If this
occurs it is possible that the Day Pillar will become weak
and it could result in their abilities being diminished.
They will nevertheless be unlikely to seek help from
others and will have to work hard and use their own
initiative to achieve their goals.
The Chart would again be unhealthy if the Pillar were
to meet with excessive Wood 木element. This may be
an indication that the individual will have to work very
hard to achieve in life and it’s possible that it will affect
their judgment, making it harder for them to make the
right choices.
If another Yi Si Pillar is discovered in the Luck Pillars of a
male Yi Si’s BaZi Chart, it is often likely that they receive
a promotion at work. This career advancement is also
likely to mean that they will also acquire an improved
compensation package.
Yi Si individuals born in the Spring and Summer months
are determined and persistent. It is likely that they
will endure some hardship in life that will teach them
strength and character. If the Yi Si individual is born
in the Autumn and Winter months they are likely to
carve their own path and seldom if ever ask for or expect
help from others. Yi Si individuals with birthdays in the
Wu 午(Horse) month may find their goals elude them
and that they have to work to overcome challenges and
obstacles at almost every turn.
If born during the day time (5AM - 5PM) they will make
their own luck. They are likely to be more independent
than their peers and will be steadfast and stubborn,
working tirelessly for success. Good fortune comes to
those born at night (5PM - 5AM). They are likely to be
blessed with good business and a flair for finance which
will make them very prosperous.