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Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Board Meeting Held on June 13, 2019
Members Present: Marie Black, Christina Faulkner, Dr. Imogene Mixson, and Marian Jenkins.
Also Present: Karen Ashley Speck, Jewnita Clark, Jeff Devine, and Andrew Godeke
Absent: Charles “Bill” Johnson
Marie Black called the meeting to order at 9:02 am.
Interim Directors: Marie proposed to the Library Board that they consider naming two current
employees, Karen Ashley Speck and Jewnita Clark, as Co-Interim Directors to temporarily
perform all administrative duties the Director would typically perform in the day-to-day
operations of the Library. Imogene Mixson raised concerns over how responsibilities would be
divided between the two and how certain decisions—those concerning that which is out of the
normal scope of day-to-day operations—would be made. Marie remarked that the Library Board
always has full and final say on decisions affecting the Library and reiterated that Karen Speck
and Jewnita Clark would work together as a team to complete the normal everyday tasks Sandra
Holmes handled when she was Library Director. These tasks are outlined in the “Library
Director Job Description,” which was provided to both employees. She emphasized that the
Library Board would be on hand during this transition period to ensure the Library continues to
run efficiently. Marian asked how long the proposed “interim period” would last, and Marie
replied that a permanent replacement should be expected within approximately 90 days. Jewnita
Clark said she would be able to serve in this interim capacity until September 1. 2019. Karen
Speck offered that she could continue serving as Interim Director until a permanent replacement
is hired. Christina Faulkner moved that the Library Board name Karen Ashley Speck and Jewnita
Clark as Co-Interim Directors to serve until the Board hires a new Library Director. Marian
Jenkins seconded the motion, the Board voted unanimously in favor, and the motion passed.
Marian moved to increase Karen Speck’s rate of pay by $2.00 per hour while she serves as Co-
Interim Director. Her rate of pay will return to the previous rate once she returns to her normal
duties when a permanent Director is hired. Christina Faulkner seconded the motion, the Board
Members voted unanimously to approve, and the motion passed.
Guidelines During Interim Period: Jewnita asked about the guidelines during the transition
period. Imogene pointed out that any staff changes or major decisions out of the scope of routine
day-to-day operations should require Library Board approval during this period and all Board
Members agreed. All routine decisions normally made by the Library Director must be agreed
upon by both Karen Speck and Jewnita Clark as a team, and if any questions arise, Marie Black
should be consulted directly.
The Process of Searching for a Library Director: Marian pointed out that the Board should
work on framing the process by which it will seek out a permanent replacement to fill the
position of Library Director. She pointed out that the Board should focus on expectations for the
new Director and collaborate on developing the interviewing and hiring process. The Board
Members agreed to hold a special session on June 26 at 10 am to discuss this and other related
Minutes from April 2019 Board Meeting: Marie asked that everyone review the minutes from
the April 2019 Board Meeting. Marian moved that the minutes be approved, and Imogene
seconded it. The motion passed, and the minutes were approved.
System for Determining Success: Marian proposed that the Library staff work on developing a
system of analytics that help to determine and highlight specific areas and aspects of the Library
so that a more thorough overview of its performance can be analyzed. She mentioned including
statistics for the Library’s online traffic and interactions, including the library’s website and
social media presence. Andrew stated that he would collaborate with Ashley and Jewnita on
developing such a system of maintaining statistics to address these areas.
E-Books: Jeff will begin purchasing e-books for the Library’s OverDrive/Libby system so that
patrons can access new digital content. He will work with Karen and Jewnita on determining the
proper funds to use for the purchases and how much to spend each month.
Christina moved to adjourn and Marian seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at
10:15 am.

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