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Performance Analysis:

Romeo and Juliet – The Royal Shakespeare Company

Key Moment 3 – The Street Fight

 Tybalt and Mercutio fight. Mercutio is killed.

 Romeo fights Tybalt to avenge Mercutio. Tybalt is killed.
 The Prince banishes Romeo from Verona.

Complete the table based on the notes you took during the performance.
Tip: looking up pictures may help you with design concepts.

What did you see in this moment? Analyse the impact on the audience.
Be specific and detailed. You can discuss acting or What did this mean? What effect did it create? Why
directing or design concepts. do you think they did this?
1. The use of fake blood, when someone was stabbed. To add fear and a high amount of tension within the
They used blood packs that were under their scene, the climax was decent
costumes so that the blood would seep through the
clothes to seem more realistic when they were
2. The use of a low drone in increasing sound playing Adds the sense of rising tension and fear as the fight
throughout the scene. commences. Creates the idea something big and terrible
is going to happen.
3. Adding red candles and roses around the stage when Represents the blood shed from the characters,
characters died represents pain and suffering. From the dead and the
living mourning the dead. The flame represents danger
and hostility, this gives the idea that the fight is burning
the characters out.
4. Stage combat was used expertly, it was frantic and This impacted audience greatly as the fighting created a
tense. The actors were heavily breathing and violent atmosphere and made them afraid as the fighting
grunting. The actor playing Mercutio was also seemed real.