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Product Information Surfactants

N-tallowalkyl-1,3-diaminopropane ditallates
CAS no 61791-53-5

Specification Limits   Method

Amine number   120 - 130   *
Gardner   0 - 10   *
Neutralization Equivalent   98 - 104   *
Water   0.75 % max   *
*Methods of analysis can be received upon request.

Typical data
Chemical and physical data   Typical values
Appearance   Liquid/Paste @25 C
Equivalent Mass   449 
Flash point   235 C
HLB value   6 Davies Scale 0-40
Melting point   30-40 C
Pour point   35 C
Solubility in water at 25°C   isopropanol, benzene, mineral oil 
Specific Gravity   0.865(65) 
Specific Heat BTU/Lb/F   0.585(100), ).602(140) BTU/Lb/F
Vapor Pressure mm Hg @20 C   <0.1 mm Hg @20 C
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Further Information
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