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Isabella Suber

Dean Leonard

English 1201.509

21 May 2019

Research Proposal; What is a Fetus?

I am a Christian; when I was five years old I was on my front porch. This is where my

mom helped me ask Jesus Christ to be the Lord of my life. Abortion is a heavy topic, in past

years later term abortions laws have been past allowing abortions in the third trimester, and it

hurts my heart. I truly believe that everyone is a human being from conception, who has a life,

and who is loved by God. In Psalms the Bible says “for You [God] formed my inward parts; You

[God] wove me in my mother's womb” (Psalms 139:13). I recently just watched the movie

“Unplanned,” a nonfiction film about Abby Johnson, a employee of an abortion clinic. The

movie goes behind the scene of “Planned Parenthood,” showing what the process of abortion

really is. I cried throughout the entire movie, my heart was broken for the millions of unborn

babies killed each year.

I want to write this paper because I know that I cannot claim a fetus is a human simply

because I am a Christian and God says so. I want to scientifically explain the biology and

anatomy of a fetus, how it develops, and the connect it has with its mother. I want to know more,

so I do not have to believe a fetus is human, but can know and explain to others the science

behind the genetic makeup of an unborn child. I need to have this information, to not be an

ignorant Christian, but to be an educated women on the properties of a fetus.

I am extremely passionate, am motivated to learn more, and think more people need to be

educated about this issue. I think research will tell me one thing and people will tell me another.
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Genetically I believe it is impossible to make “something” inside of a womb and it only be

human after it exits. I believe research will tell me that a fetus starts off as a fertilized egg and

over nine months grows into a fully formed child. I believe this topic is extremely controversial,

and proves to be a deeper, more in depth topic. I know that a fetus is a human, it has life even in

the womb. During sex an egg is fertilized from the sperm and drops to the womb from the

ovaries, the egg will slowly grow over nine months, going from an egg, to an embryo, to a fetus,

and finally to a baby. The fetus’ DNA is human during the whole process.

I am not well informed about this topic, I know what I believe and a little about human

development from biology. I want to learn about the process of growing a child in the womb. I

want to know what both sides of the spectrum thinks, how one doctor can claim a fetus is human,

but another doctor can be okay killing it. I will start looking at my question “what is a fetus” by

looking at biology of human development, and finding information in scientific journals, and

biology and anatomy books. I completely agree with the pro-choice moment, a women should

have the only say in what happens to her body, but through this paper I want to find the

connection between the fetus and the mothers’s bodies. Is it actually the mother’s body, or are

they just a host for this growing human? I am confident that I will find credible scientific

research to answer my question.

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