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Zyxel NBG6515
Release Notes
Date: Jan, 29, 2019

Supported Platforms:
Zyxel NBG6515

Firmware version: V1.00(AAXS.6)C0
2.4G WLAN code version: mt7620_wifi2716_all_dpa_20130426
5G WLAN code version: mt7610e_wifi3003_dpa_20130301

Modifications in V1.00 (AAXS.6)C0 | 2019/01/29:

1. [BUGFIX] Apply patches for DFS radar type-5 and type-6

Modifications in V1.00 (AAXS.5)C0 | 2018/01/12:

1. [BUGFIX] Fixed WAN IPv6 issue
2. [BUGFIX] Fixed KRACK issue
3. [BUGFIX] Fixe Dnsmasq CVE-2017-14491: DNS - 2 byte heap based

Modifications in V1.00 (AAXS.4)C0 | 2017/08/07:

1. [BUGFIX] eITS #170600517 AP mode with static IP and DHCP server issue
2. [BUGFIX] eITS #170100618 NBG6515 / web server does not respond if
also system DNS
3. [BUGFIX] eITS #170300591 | NBG6515 | USB media sharing not possible
on AP mode
4. [BUGFIX] eITS #170300528 Two errors in NBG6515 Firewall ? (145922)
5. [BUGFIX] eITS #170400675 [EMG/NBG][Vulnerability] Linux kernel
arbitrary code execution CVE-2016-10229
6. [Feature improve] enhancement for the CE RED regulation
7. [Feature improve] Brand 2.0 logo & company name “Zyxel”


Modifications in V1.00 (AAXS.3)C0 | 2017/02/17:

1. [Feature Enhancement] System UPnP vulnerability improvement

Modifications in V1.00 (AAXS.2)C0 | 2016/12/23:

2. [Feature Changed] Remove weather function on GUI.

3. [Feature Enhancement] Administrator password security enhancement

4. [BUGFIX] Fixed 2.4G/5G SSID mismatched with back label in eaZy123.

5. [BUGFIX][Ticket #151200533] Administrator Inactivity Timer Fails from WAN


6. [BUGFIX][Ticket #151200180] web GUI error with WIN8 pc.

7. [BUGFIX][Ticket #160100192] CIFS to public server.

8. [BUGFIX][Ticket #160200410] Fix Mac wireless client can't access to

Internet when down/up interface.

9. [BUGFIX][Ticket #160500498] In NBG6515 the WLAN schedule overrides

the WLAN button.

10. [BUGFIX][Ticket #160500831] NAS problem with NBG6515.

11. [BUGFIX][Ticket #160600703] MyZyXEL DDNS not update.

Modifications in V1.00 (AAXS.1)C0 | 2015/12/18:

1. [BUGFIX] eITS Ticket #151000291 NBG6515: Packet Statistics incorrect "Tx
kb/s" and "Rx kb/s" data.
2. [BUGFIX] eITS Ticket #151000379 NBG6515: zyxel.setup issue.

3. [BUGFIX] eITS Ticket #151000633 NBG6515: unstable 2.4GHz radio.

4. [BUGFIX] eITS Ticket #151000800 NBG6515: Online – upgrade firmware

sometime doesn't work.

5. [BUGFIX] eITS Ticket #151000799 NBG6515: DLNA doesn’t work with



6. [BUGFIX] eITS Ticket #151000380 NBG6515: FTP cannot access from wan.

7. [BUGFIX] eITS Ticket #151000631 NBG6515: WebGUI becomes

unresponsive for all during torrent traffic from WLAN client.

8. [BUGFIX] Symptom: WiFi-5GHz: Some apple devices cannot connect to

DUT by WiFi 5G and always pop-up a warning message with “Incorrect
password for “WiFi_5G_SSID”.

9. [Feature Changed] Change eaZy123 to Responsive GUI

10. [Feature Changed] Change WPS behavior to be concurrent

Modifications in V1.00 (AAXS.0)C0 | 2015/06/10:

1. First release