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Report and linancial Statements VS1 PO Service LAY C For the period ended 31 March 2016 Registered number: 05301492 HCL Insurance BPO Services Limited Company Information Directors Company secretary Registered number Registered office Independent auditor Bankers Apparto Venkata Varse Ashok Radhakrishnan Andrew David Bomphey (deceased 16 Apsil 2016) Justin Harsington Rahul Singh (resigned 28 July 2015) Tustin Harsington 95301492 2nd Moor No 1 Croydon 12-16 Addiscombe Road Croydon CROONT Emst & Young LLP 1 More London Place London SE12AF Deutsche Bank 6 Bishopsgate London ECON 4DA HCL Insurance BPO Services Limited Contents Strategic report Directors’ report Directors’ responcibilities statement independent auditor's report Statement of comprehensive income ‘Statement of financial position ‘Statement of changes In equity Notes to the financial statements, Page 1-4 10 " 12 13-27