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GRAMMAR affirmative | He / She has been to Red Square. negative | |/We haven't walked in a desert. [questions | Have you ever | the Pyramids? | We use the present perfect to talk about the past ‘with ever or never, of when the time is not specific [seve ec peenas the Galapagos Islands? | No, never. 've been to Ecuador but! haven't been to | the Galapagos Islands. © PAGE 141 ‘Ask and answer present perfect questions about the places in 3. ‘Have you ever been to Niagara Falls?” yes, |have. / No, haven't. / No, never? Read the information about been and gone and answer the questions below. Bria tw eau os | The past participle of regular verbs is the | as the past tense. Be careful with been! Is the past participle of be and go. Gone is also the past | participle of go. 1 Sid’s been to Paris. | 2 Sid's gone to Paris @ PAGE 142 1. What is the difference between been and gone? 2. Where is Sid now in each sentence above? Complete the sentences with the present perfect of the verbs in brackets. 1 |____ (see) the Northern Lights 2 She (not go) to the Sahara Desert. 3 He______ (go) up in a hot-air balloon. 4 We (have) frogs’ legs in a restaurant. 5 They _ (fy) ina helicopter 6 |______ (not do) a bungee jump. 7 You (run) a marathon, 8 He {not sleep) on a boat Write sentences about the things in 8 that you have and haven't done T havent had lege in a restaurant VOCABULARY Prepositions of movement 10 643.29 Complete the conversations with these prepositions. Then listen and check. across into over through to Oh, I've had lots of adventures. I've been * Vladivostok many times, and I've kayaked * the Atlantic and I've walked *__ the Amazon. rainforest and I've dived “__ seas full of sharks and I've danced the tango in Argentina and I've 2... and I've flown the Eiffel Tower in a helicopter and ... Oh! They've fallen asleep! 11 Take turns to be the boring man in 10. Use the jeas on this page or invent new adventures. SPEAKING 12. In groups of three, you have three minutes to find three things for each section below. 1 Which things in this lesson haven't you done? List three things you all have in common 2. What interesting things have you seen or done? ‘What places have you been to? Make a list of three things you have all done. 3 Are there things you've always wanted to do? Make a list of three things and number them in order of preference.