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Contact: +91-9381988052 Skype:mr.korapati

Manager in Quality Engineering with over 14 years of experience in executing & ramping-up projects within time, budget & quality
parameters; targeting senior level assignments in Quality Assurance, Software Testing and DevOps with an organization of high
Location Preference: South India and Overseas

Profile Summary

● Implemented End2End Test Automation for the client (Brierley & Partners) for GUI,SOAP,REST,Jmeter with C# & Selunium
● Integrated end-to-end automation services using C# & Selenium (Data Driven Testing / Behaviour Driven Testing)
● Created one solution for REST, SOAP, Inbound/Outbound File Process, Custom Test Result Report
● Created a standardized performance testing process that was applied throughout the company; led offshore team in
performance testing; conducted performance test on Rest API and Web services & SOAP services
● Experience in setting up DevOps infrastructure and formulating strategies for creating & implementing CI/CD pipeline using,
TFS, Github & Jenkins
● Manage Agile process using TFS dashboard & JIRA complete
● Designed & executed Apache JMeter load tests with VSTS
● Expertise in managing software testing including test planning, test strategy/plan development, test scripts / test cases
creation, test cases execution, risk & defect management
● Worked on Agile (Scrum), SDLC, and STLC Methodologies
● Gained international exposure by working at USA for 5+ years as Performance Consultant, Test Automation and QA
● Possess domain skills in Hospital Management , insurance , Transport , Airline Reservation & Maintenance ,loyalty Reward
● Built & led onshore/offshore team; participated in training, performance evaluation, and knowledge development & transfer

Core Competencies

Quality Management Software Testing DevOps

Project Management Client Engagement Agile Scrum Methodologies
CI-CD Integration & Implementation Test Plans & Strategy Team Management

Organizational Experience

Since Oct’18 with Qentelli, Hyderabad, India as a Technical Test Manager

Jun’17-Jul’18 with AB Technologies, SeatTac, USA as Automation Test Consultant & DevOps Engineer

Dec’14-May’17 with DOL WA, Olympia, WA as Sr. Test Consultant-Department of Licensing Operations

Oct’13-Dec’14 with HP Enterprise, Olympia, WA as Sr. Automation Test Consultant

Aug’12-Sep’13 with Popular Tech, Olympia, WA as Sr. Automation Consultant

Dec’10-Jul’12 with AINS Inc., Hyderabad, India as Sr.Automation Test Consultant (Product-Case Management)

Aug’10-Dec’10 with Magna InfoTech, Redmond, VA as Sr. QA Consultant

Nov’09-May’10 with Soft Spin, Pune as Sr. Test Consultant

Nov’08-May’09 with Symphony, Hyderabad as Project Lead

Mar’06-Feb’07 with Teledata Informatics, Chennai as Sr. Software Developer

Aug-04 to -Feb’06 & Apr-07 to Npv-08 with Shreya Technologies , Hyderabad as Software Developer
Key Result Areas:
● Defining & communicating the Quality Assurance (QA) mission statement, core values and goals
● Working on Automation deliverables (REST, SOAP, File Process, C#, and Selenium)
● Conducting performance testing analysis using App insights and AppDynamics
● Developing performance test plans based on customer requirements and designing applications in its different layers &
● Executing Cloud-based VSTS performance testing and live monitoring using app insights
● Managing the end-to-end implementation performance test lab environment
● Implementing CI/CD test builds verification pipelines
● Monitoring docks & release pipeline; working on heterogeneous and homogeneous environments
● Designing performance & peak load and customizing VSTS performance scripts
● Using Microsoft testing tools (MTM, Web Testing, and Performance Testing)
● Performing functional testing and end-to-end scenario designs
● Enabling Performance Scalability, Reliability Testing, Scenario based Testing, Regression Testing and SANDBOX Testing
(Payment Gateway & PayPal)
● Supervising network, memory, CPU, Application performance metrics and counters
● Driving SQL l-Server Profiler & SQL query analysis, network latency, data packet drop analysis, and logs parsing & analysis
● Facilitating Scrum ceremonies like daily stand-ups, grooming sessions, sprint planning meetings, retrospectives &
management reviews, Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) discussions, quality and process trainings

● Successfully used:
o Diagnostic tools such as Microsoft Azure , HP .NET Probe, Win DBG and Debug Diagnose for identifying applications
response time, throughput, resource utilization, memory leaks or slow response time
o HP LoadRunner and Microsoft Visual Studio Load Test 2017 for executing performance tests-load, capacity & stress test
o C# and .NET Web Services for creating Proxy Stubs to simulate third party applications
o JMeter and other Open Source Testing Tools
● Played a major role in automating test scripts using C#, Selenium, Nugen Packages, Nuint Adapters, Mock Frameworks, CUIT
Frameworks, and POM using Selenium Web Drivers
● Introduced & expanded the use of test management and test execution tools such as Azure dashboards, JIRA , and TFS Agile
Templates to improve Quality Assurance (QA) efficiency, reliability, and repeatability
● Revamped the load and performance testing methodology and process, achieved improved execution efficiency which
improved scalability and contributed to customer satisfaction scores
● Received the FAR Award in 2007for CMMI Level 5 effort


● MCA from Chennai University, India in 2004

● B.Com. (Computers) from Sri Krishna Devaraya University in 2001


● Certified CMMI Level 5 FAR Practitioner

● MCCP Certified in Web Programing and Web Applications Development

Technical Skills

● Programing Languages: C#, Asp.Net, Ado.Net, .Net, Web services, AJAX, Rest API, and Java
● Performance Tools: VSTS, TFS, MTM, Web Access, VSO, Azure Cloud, JMeter, Bad Boy, and Blaze Meter
● Profilers: Telematics, Ant, Perfmon, Red Gate, and AppDynamics
● Test Automation: C#, Nunit, Selenium Web Driver, and HP Fortify
● Monitoring Tools: App Insights, Live Test, App Dynamics, Perfmon, and W3c Log Parser
● Security Tools: HP Fortify and FxCop
● Code Analysis: VSTS
● Database Testing: SQL Server, Biztalk Server, SSIS, SSRS and SSAS
● Automation Frameworks: Nunit, POM, Mock, and CUIT

Personal Details
Date of Birth: July-01-1980; Language Known: English, Telugu, Hindi & Tamil. Mention; Address: Cyber e Park, Puppalaguda
Please find the attached Annexure for Projects Undertaken

Projects Undertaken

With Qentelli, Hyderabad, India as Manager in Quality Engineering

Client: Brierley & Partners – Texas
Environment:, MVC, C#, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2013, TFS,C#,Nunit, Azure, App Insights, HP Load Runner, Smart Bare,
SOAP, REST, API, MVC, JVM, Apache, Tomcat, and Web Spare
● Managing Brierley Partner Application Loyalty on Demand, Rewards, Promotions, Coupons) for Seven Leven and Core Partners
of Brierley Partners
● Working on Automation deliverables (REST, SOAP, File Process, C#, and Selenium)
● Creating CI/CD pipeline using GitHub, TFS, JIRA and Jenkins
● Executing performance testing using VSTS Cloud Services and JMeter Services
● Testing Rest API & Web Service response times
● Automating test script using C#, Selenium, Nugen Packages, Nuint Adapters, Mock Frameworks, CUIT Frameworks, and POM
using Selenium Web Drivers
● Setting up standard and dynamic test environment to support build verification process
● Customizing Azure dashboard for application insights for continuous production monitoring
● Developing test build definitions and queue management
● Using live test for analysing hot paths in code
● Monitoring telemetry & application insights and application dynamics for performance analysis
● Using Microsoft Test Manager and Visual Studio Team Services for test scripts management
● Generating scripts using JMeter Tool and preparing customization of requests
● Running JMeter scripts on (Clouded-Azure) and AWS Services
● Configuring monitoring tools with JMeter and Agents & Controllers with defined Metrix’s
● Designing framework and custom reporting services for end-users

With AB Technologies, SeaTac, USA as Performance Test Consultant & DevOps Engineer
Client: Alaska Airlines– Seattle, WA
Environment:, MVC, C#, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2013, TFS, C#, Nunit, Azure, App Insights, HP Load Runner, Smart Bare,
SOAP, REST, API, MVC, JVM, Apache, Tomcat, and Web Spare
● Worked on airlines application (crew & flight operations and maintenance services), flight feet operations, oil consumption
services, baggage service, billing services and internal audit services
● Integrated Virgin Airline with Alaska Airlines Services; engaged in scaling performance and standardizing process

With DOL WA, Olympia, WA as Sr. Test Consultant-Department of Licensing Operations

Description: DOL provided end-to-end enterprise integration solutions for state government of WA, different operations and
licensing programs. It involved public entrepreneur and services. Generated revenue with new and renewal services of licenses.

With ESD -Lacey,WA through Popular Tech / HP Enterprise as Sr. Performance Consultant
Product: Unemployment Insurance and Taxation System
Description: ESD provided end-to-end enterprise integration solutions for state government of WA Employee Security
Department. It consisted with employee job programing, tax & wage management and more utilities & services for citizens and

With AINS Inc., Hyderabad, India as Sr. Test Consultant

Product: Case Management
Description: The project involved e-case workflow, case tracking and processing to help agencies by managing their business
information and workflow processes. eCase leveraged best-of-breed content management disciplines such as SharePoint,
Documentum, Open Text, Oracle Content DB, and so on to deliver a complete automated information management, tracking, and
reporting solution. eCase could breaks information down into case types and automated workflow of these case types throughout
the organization. A case could be any type of information, including emails, contacts, invoices, contracts, and so on.

With Megana InfoTech, Redmond, VA as Sr. Consultant

Client: Microsoft Corporation
Product: GMO was Microsoft Marketing Product. It was used to conduct analysis of Microsoft Sales. GMO was developed with RM
Engine. This Engine generated data from different target sources to destination place. Managed different customizations &
business rules to validate globalized data. Used this product to connect vendors by mail & voice based on touches generated by
RM Engine. It was type of notification service to vendor for updating license & software. It increased Microsoft sales productivity
& ROI based on touch generations. Every individual license was filtered at touch level based on service type. Touch process had
sequential execution to generate unique & non-violent data. It generated high level dashboards & seeds for next coming month
license updating list. Delivered & maintained products in the GMO database. GMO provided business decision making on current
trends & transactional history. GMO collected customer’s information from different locations & sources through the common
database. Here data was validated through ETL process.

With Soft Spin, Pune as Sr. Consultant

Client: BT Telecom
Description: The project involved Local loop Unbundling (LLU or LLUB) which was the regulatory process of allowing multiple
telecommunications operators to use connections from the telephone exchange's central office to customer's premises. The
physical wire connection between customer and company was known as a "local loop", and it was owned by the incumbent local
exchange carrier (also referred to as "ILEC," "Local Exchange," or in the United States either a "Baby Bell" or an Independent
Telephone Company). To increase competition, other providers were granted unbundled access. LLU was generally opposed by
ILECs, which in most cases were either former investor-owned (North America) or state-owned monopoly enterprises forced to
open themselves to competition.

With Symphony, Hyderabad as Project Lead

Description: The project involved physician advocacy intuition to provide services to analysts of their claims against financial
service provider prices for their service claims. It helped physician groups & service providers to estimate quality of work & price
charges. Medical counties, organization could use this product to analyse their price levels in the market with competitors.
Modules: Administrator, Non-End Physician, Physicians, Quality Annalists, Practice Managers, Dashboards, Filters &
Customization, and Organization & County Management

Another project involved physician task management system to provide different functionalities related to hospital management
services. System provided services to generate multi managed system via supper admin. Supper admin. could generate hospital
(customer) & administrator. Admin could generate physicians & nurses accounts. It provided 3 main disease services at right time.
It had different measurements & services to evaluate disease condition & therapeutics management. It had services to identify
severity of disease & task allocation schedule management services for next visit. Epic experience with chronic care management.
Modules: Super Admin., Role Management & Assessments, Task & Schedule Management, Repository Management, and ICD &
CPT Management with Index Values

With Shreya Technologies as Tech Lead & Developer

Client: Prolodgic-US
Environment: .Net, ISS_API, Filter, IIS6.0, SQL Server, Asp.Net, Test Center, Web Inspector, and Load Runner
Description: This system provided navigation to their clients. It was CRM based application integrated with multiple functional
suites. It provided Facebook, reservation, accommodation details, and navigation information. It provided root map directions for
driving & facilities information. It helped client to easy travel & facilities information

Client: Robert Pepare

Environment: Windows 2000/XP, SSRS, Sql-Server 2005, RDL, Asp.Net, Test Center, and Load Runner
Prolodgic SSRS: This system provided user based reports consuming existed database. It provided service to analysis of existing
data and generated fly oriented reports for taking quick decision. It had privilege to provide services to public/private properties.
It provided service to design reports & publish the specific user groups. Consumed SQL Server Reporting Services & RDL features
to provide rich environment for generate his customized view & formats. It had data filters & owned customized formula bar for
calculate business outcomes.

Client: Mchlem Aubrey Truest

Environment: Windows 2000/XP, .Net, Sql-Server, and Asp.Net
Description: This project provided charitable donation collection to manage funds for different activities based on the project
manager approvals. Migrated the database from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008, and managed database & web server.

With Teledata Informatics, Chennai as Software Engineer

Client: SBC-Dublin. Transop
Environment: Asp.Net, C#, Sql-Server2000, and IIS6.0