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 What Is The Scariest Thing You Have Ever Done For Fun?
 If You Can Instantly Become An Expert In Something, What Would It Be?
 If You Could Eliminate One Thing From Daily Routine, What Would It Be And
 What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Wake In The Morning?
 What Childish Things Do You Still Do As An Adult?
 Are You A Listener Or A Talker?
 If You Had One Extra Hour Of Free Time A Day, How Would You Use It?
 What Type Of Partner Would You Choose For Yourself?
 What Is Something You Can Do Better Than Anyone Else You Know?
 What Was The Most Embarrassing Thing You Have Done While On A Date?
 If You Had To Be Handcuffed To One Person For An Entire Month, Who
Would It Be?
 If You Were The Eighth Dwarf, What Would Your Name Be?
 Would You Rather Have More Time Or More Money?
 Would You Rather Have A Rewind Button Or A Pause Button On Your Life?
 Would You Rather Be Able To Talk With The Animals Or Speak All Foreign
 Would You Rather Be Without Internet For A Week, Or Without Your Phone?
 What Is Your Biggest Turn Off In A Partner?
 Would You Rather Become Someone Else Or Just Stay You?
 What Is Something Unexpected That Has Changed About You In The Last
Few Years?
 What Failure Have You Learned The Most From?
 What Do You Think The Secret To A Good Life Is?