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TECHNICAL DATA Storage Tank Equipment Gauge Hatch Principle of Operation Provides tank access where manual level gauging, ‘temperature measurement or sampling is required. The safety Pedal allows the operator to open the gauge hatch whilst re- maining ‘hends free! to carry out required measuring, Materials & Options ‘Customer Support Team Elmac Technologies Limited Greenfield Finhire, United Kingdom CH SDP #44 (0) 1352 717600 Fr44 (0) 1352 717642. E sles@elnaccechrll Au spacest acre tin ofr. orp Prpoes ea esate a cane what pe a eS ENT erro eee ed Ce Om Coc eee Benefits Robust construction to deal with regular use. ‘Sizes and materials to sui a range of applications Non-sparking feature, provided by the use of @ PTFE or Nitrile rubber insert ‘The cover is designed with @ condensation rim. This ‘encourages liquid drainage from the surface to reduce the possibility of freezing Version with lockable handle and ges tight seal to 2.5 psig ATEX approved to directive 94/0/EC Elmac Expertise Elmec have been manufacturing protection equipment since 41948, and bring enhanced levels of fame end explosion protection to a diverse range of applications Elmac Technologies® ofers considerable technical leader- ship and using test facilities along with CFO capebiltes, ‘employs research teams renowned for developing solutions for the most challenging of industal applications. Painting specification [shail be added [Please confirm whether lpainting specification is, lsame as flame arrestor. I lyes, acceptable by us. [Please incicate top color IRAL No, Y, Elmac MY Technologies enone Ste Soler