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I didn't follow all of the proceedings against President Clinton in the 1990s since I am not a highly paid

Beltway pundit. Not only did I not know about the Christoper Hitchens-Sidney Blumenthal lunch at the
Mandarin Hotel in DC, I didn't know who Sidney Blumenthal was until his book came out a couple of
months ago.

But I do follow what Charles A.Gargano, Gov. Pataki's top aide does because he is a threat to me. He has
been looting the state treasury almost singlehandedly since 1995 and I personally know he has ties to
organized crime that date back more than twenty years .

Mr. Gargano has been involved in the "penny stock" business througout his tenure in the Pataki
administration which seems to be fine with Gov. Pataki. Most of us know, as does George Pataki, I'm sure,
that the penny stock business is run by organized crime. My friend who is not in the stock market and not
terribly well-informed about current events even knows it.

Mr. Gargano was the director of Urecoats, Inc. (formerly Winners All International) of Pompano Beach,
Florida from 1995 to 1999. Urecoats recently listed an inside trader, Robert Warren Meddoff. Mr. Meddoff,
a supposed former employee who expected to receive proceeds of about $7,400 selling Urecoats stock. I
did not recognize the name so I did a search.

According to a CNN story, Mr. Meddoff testified to the US Senate about Harold Ickes, former Clinton
Deputy Chief of Staff, in 1997. He claimed that Harold Ickes in 1996 told him to destroy documents about
a proposed campaign contribution that was never made. Here is the link to the CNN story:

Mr. Meddoff's story sounds ridiculous but the man managed to waste the time of the US Senate and the
press to tell it. Mr. Meddoff, according to another story, was an employee of Bukkehave, a Danish company
with an office in Fort Lauderdale. Here is a link to the Bukkehave website:

Bukkehave sells transportation parts to the US military and has offices near the Pentagon, in Jordan and
Afghanistan. Perhaps Bukkehave had an interest in seeing a Republican president elected.

Mr. Meddoff who probably was not a longtime employee of Bukkehave when he attended the $1,500 per
ticket Miami fundraiser in October 1996 since Bukkehave only set up shop in Fort Lauderdale in July 1996,
according to Florida Dept. of State records.

Sometime in 2000, according to Broward County records, Urecoats requested that the Broward County
Court restrain Mr. Meddoff from publicly criticizing the company and its officers. The court awarded the
injunction on 11/28/2000 but the action must have been initiated before then. In September 2001, Urecoats
voluntarily dismissed it claims. Here is a link to the Broward County Clerk:

According to Yahoo, Mr. Meddoff's Urecoats insider trading was listed with the SEC on June 25, 2002. He
expected to sell 2,250 shares for an estimated $7,400.

Mr. Meddoff appears to have had some financial difficulties in the 1990s, according to Broward County
records. He and his wife were evicted from either commercial or residential premises in 1996, according to
court records. Between 1990 and 1995, he was in business for himself but I don't know what the business

In July 2002, Mr. Meddoff was listed as an officer of Bella Vita Resorts, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale so maybe
things are looking up for him financially.
All in all, Mr. Meddoff's link to Urecoats and Charles A. Gargano looks suspicious to me. I am almost
certain that he was not a Urecoats employee since the court document did not specify that he was an
employee. I tlooks like Urecoats wanted to keep Mr. Meddoff quiet during a presidential election. Urecoats
has ties to Charles Gargano who is a top Republican fundraiser among other roles. He is close to former
senator, Alphonse D'Amato and the Bush family.

But what to do? I wrote to Joe Conason of Salon, Jack Shafer of Slate, Newsday's editors, Harold Ickes's
law partners and even Mr. Ickes himself. No response.

I am puzzled. If I worked for the president of the United States and I was framed, I'd still be steamed.
Harold Ickes knew he was framed.

One of Mr. Ickes's law partners that I wrote to, John Klein, must know Mr. Gargano because Mr. Klein was
the Republican Suffolk County supervisor during the $2 billion Suffolk County Southwest Sewer District
scandal in the 1970s. Mr. Gargano's political career took after his involvement in the scandal.

Putting paybacks aside, no one should be allowed to frame the president or his staff whether the president is
a Democrat or a Republican and get away with it. First off, framing anyone is illegal. Secondly and more
importantly, no one should waste the time of the president of the United States who was elected to lead the

I can't even imagine the colossal nerve it must take to lie to the Senate and the entire world about the
president of the United States. If Robert Warren Meddoff lied about that donation, he should be in jail.
Same for Mr. Gargano or anyone else involved in putting Mr. Meddoff up to dangerous stunt. These people
have no idea what it means to be a citizen of the United States.

That's why I want to know about Robert Warren Meddoff whether Mr. Ickes does or not. It is not just about