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About company Tata wire division is a part of the $US 12 billion TATA Group and long product division of TATA STEEL. They manufacture a wide range of wires catering to the needs of the various industry segments such as automobile, infrastructure, power and general engineering. Wire Division is the leading producer of steel wire, with a 30% market share of the organized wire market. They have wire manufacturing facilities at Borivli in Mumbai and Tarapur. HEAD OFFICE City Address Contact Mumbai Dattapara Road Borivli (East) Mumbai - 400 066 Tel: 022 - 56785200 Fax: 022 - 28702481,28702473 Email: mailto:marketing@<hidden> mailto:Exports@<hidden> ABOUT BORIVILI WIRE PLANT 1958: Special Steel was established in 1958 as a Private Limited company manufacturing Umbrella rib wire. 1961: Company goes public 1995: TATA Metals amalgamated with SSL 1996: Company name changed to Tata SSL LTD. 2001: Becomes Subsidiary of Tata Steel. 2003: TSSL merges with Long Product Division of Tata Steel. QUALITY SYSTEMS Borivili wire plant, Tarapur Wire Plant and Wire Rod Mill (west) certified for QS9000 and TS 16949, AWARDS Quality circle "Abhinav" of Borivli Wire Plant won Excellence Award" at National Convention of Quality

. MALSHE who is HR implementation manager. MR. industrial relations 3.Circles (NCQC) held at Madurai in December 2003. R. J. P. namely. RASTE is chief officer and head of HR/IR and administration department of all 3 Tata wire plant namely Borivili wire plant. RASTE CHIEF. P. About human resource department MR. R. (HR/IR) & ADMINISTRATION The HR department is divided in 3 sections. We worked with Mr. 1. human resource implementation 2. Tarapur Wire Plant and Wire Rod Mill (west). S. administration Each section consists of 2 managers.

develop their potential and maximise their productivity. This was big opportunity for him. He presented program of team building as a chief. where 350 peoples were invited. J. So he volunteered there to successfully implement ISO 9000 mark. ¾ It will aim at ensuring transparency. He has participated in various competition and programmes. He became HR manager in 1996. And management diploma in bajaj institute. In order to implement ISO 9000 certification in 1994 there was requirement of training for each individual. MALSHE He has degree of M. He also worked as training faculty on shop floor. ¾ It will pursue management practices designed to enrich the quality of life of its employees. S. . HUMAN RESOURCE POLICY ¾ Tata Steel recognises that its people are the primary source of its competitiveness. He is with TISCO from last 35 years. mutual trust and teamwork. After promoted to various positions. He joined TISCO as supervisor of production department. ¾ It is committed to equal employment opportunities for attracting the best available talent and ensuring a cosmopolitan workforce. fairness and equity in all its dealings with its employees. Sc.ABOUT MR. ¾ Tata Steel will strive continuously to foster a climate of openness.

PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Performance appraisal assesses an individual's performance against previously agreed work objectives. average. bonuses. On the basis of these rankings highest reward of the year is given to best suitable worker. Performance appraisal is normally carried out once a year. Several movements to inculcate a culture of safety have been practiced. and average to medium and below average. Rating of employees is done by their performances.THE ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT BY HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT IN TATA S BORIVALI WIRE PLANT ARE AS FOLLOWS: MANPOWER PLANNING Manpower planning enables HR department to project its short to long term needs on the basis of its departmental plans so that it can adjust its manpower requirements to meet changing priorities. and promotions. every individual in TISCO are co prime to each other. MBA. of employees is reduced to 40000 from 70000. They require much lesser manpower as there is centralized management. mechanisms. Since it is a joint responsibility of the individual and the supervisor. They assess key result areas of their employees. It also enables management to compare performance and potential between employees and subordinates of the same rank. They recruit freshers only from colleges and specially post graduate students having degree of C.. Yet. Preference is given to son(s) of workman.A. etc to become competitive in nature. The better performing employee gets the majority of available merit pay increases. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Safety is a high priority area. The Technical Education Advisory Committee guides employee development and training in line with strategic goals of the company and long-term objectives. It is given as per ranks very good. The in-house training centres impart majority . but the Company needs to do more to prevent accidents and improve its safety record. In last decade no. the more the department needs manpower planning to show: the number of recruits required in a specified timeframe and the availability of talent early indications of potential recruitment or retention difficulties surpluses or deficiencies in certain ranks or grades availability of suitable qualified and experienced successors RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION There is no recruitment from last few years in Borivali wire plant Due to heavy computerization. workers and supervisors. and modern technologies. The more changing the environment the department is in.

etc. Employees are also deputed to other organizations and training centres in the country such as ITI and abroad for specialized training. It is paid as per other industries. EMPLOYEE COUNSELING Certain areas where they counsels are: Chronic absenteeism and bunking Alcohol and drugs HIV (+) & AIDS Control Career planning and resolving conflicts Health problems ALCOHOL AND DRUGS POLICY: Tata Steel believes that the loyalty and commitment of its employees depend upon the quality of life they are offered at work and at home. and in steel prices. They also get training of problem solving techniques.of the training programmes. France. . Yearly increments are given. COMPENSATION PLANNING It depends on financial capabilities. Individual performance bonus is also given. ETC. They follow open door policy for their employees. conflict management. (flat rates) It is decided by union and management where various demands are negotiated. (Technical Institute & Management Development Centre). MAINTAINING COMMUNICATION WITH EMPLOYEES Communication is maintained through various communication channels such as: Notices Emails Circulars Calling forums Correspondents Functional departmental meetings. Compensation for inflation is common for all employees. market. Officers are trained into business managers through special general management programmes such as at CEDEP. They are trained to know the changes in environment.

2.Y. education and training and by promoting healthy life styles among our employees and their families.BMS-B ROLL NO. We acknowledge that the misuse of these psychoactive substances is a major health and safety hazard. The initiatives would include. Human resource management Report on visit to HR department of TISCO NAME: KEYUR SHAH DIV: T. while maintaining confidentiality about such cases. Mona Bhatia . Purpose of counseling: They want to retain efficient employees with organisation. 5022 Submitted to: Prof. their families and the community as a whole. Tata Steel is therefore committed in creating an alcohol and drug-free environment at the work place. through the dissemination of information.We recognize that indiscriminate use of alcohol and drugs is injurious to the wellbeing of individuals. to seek assistance. Not Even man-days and man-hours. HIV(+) & AIDS Control Policy: Tata Steel would take measures to prevent the incidence and spread of HIV and AIDS in the society. Raising awareness. In case of need. If they don t take it seriously they are fired. This would be achieved through the involvement of all employees and the Joint Departmental Councils in spearheading appropriate initiatives. But it is the record of Borivali wire plant that they have not lost single employee in last 10 years. Motivating those employees who have an alcohol/drug problem. the company would arrange to provide counseling and medical guidance to these patients and their families. 1.

Malshe (HR Manager. activities carried out by them as HR manager. After getting appointment we waited in HR department office for around 1 hour as there was meeting going on. Malshe welcomed us in his personal office. But on one day. J.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am thankful to Prof. But. We introduced our self to them. Mona Bhatia for giving me such an assignment which enhanced my knowledge in the fields of human resource management. I never expected I would be there for one whole day and that also with their human resource manager Mr. Mr. I am also thankful to Mr. I tried at many places but I couldn t get appointment. He told us . Before visiting there. J. There was board on the wall in which tata s human resource policy was printed. TISCO) for spending valuable time with us and giving us an opportunity to be with him for 1 day and providing all the necessary information regarding their human resource activities. As the meeting got over. As we waited in office. And he asked for questionnaire prepared by us. he denied and agreed for 1day. his role. We asked for permission to work with him for 7 days. etc. S. about formation of human resource department. Then he told us about their plant. we saw journals Human capital in which various case studies related to human resource management was there. malshe. I and my friends together visited at TISCO for given assignment. There was a separate office for each manager. We noted down it in our books. s. I use to see the hoarding of Borivali s Tata steel plant. My experience Whenever I visited from highway.

*MTPA = million tonnes per annum Overseas: Iran Bangladesh Other Projects: India 1. Tata Steel's products are targeted at the quality conscious auto sector and the burgeoning construction industry. he responded to our questions very nicely. Counsel them. manifold through organic growth and investments. India give it a competitive edge. He was looking strict and firm but while answering he was very soft.2 MTPA Metcoke project in West Bengal Deep sea port in Dhamra. Sri Lanka and Thailand. Its captive raw material resources and the state-of-the-art 5 MTPA (million tonne per annum) plant at Jamshedpur. FUTURE PLANS Steel Plant Projects: India: The Company has embarked upon setting up three green field steel plants in eastern India: 12 MTPA* plant in Jharkhand 6 MTPA plant in Orissa 5 MTPA plant in Chhattisgarh Jamshedpur Steel Works will become a 7 MTPA unit by 2008. etc. It was indeed a nice and learning experience to be in the HR department whole day with a reputed company like TATA STEEL. Asia (2 MTPA) and Millennium Steel (1. Tata Steel is among the lowest cost producers of steel in the world and one of the few select steel companies in the world that is EVA+ (Economic Value Added). while the joint venture in Thailand for limestone mining is known as Sila Eastern. the Company plans to emerge as a major global player in the wire business. The Company's wire manufacturing unit in Sri Lanka is known as Lanka Special Steel. He spend around 1&1/2 hour with us for interview.about How they tackle workers problems. Determined to be a major global steel player. The Company plans to enhance its capacity. With wire manufacturing facilities in India. Tata Steel has recently included in its fold NatSteel. Tata Steel is Asia's first and India's largest private sector steel company. how they maintain cordial relation with them. Orissa Titanium Dioxide project in Tamil Nadu Joint Venture with BlueScope Steel for metallic coating and painting steel unit .7 MTPA) creating a manufacturing network in eight markets in South East Asia and Pacific rim countries. compensate them. Soon the Jamshedpur plant will expand its capacity from 5 MTPA to 7 MTPA by 2008. in Jharkhand State. PROFILE Established in 1907. train and recruit them.

Tata Bearings. The company has launched the Customer Value Management initiative with the objective of creating complete understanding of customer problems and finding solutions jointly. construction rebars. Tata Agrico (hand tools and implements). Tata Shaktee (Galvanised Corrugated Sheets). the company has introduced brands like Tata Steelium (the world's first branded Cold Rolled Steel). retailers and end consumers. The company has also launched India's first steel retail store . South Africa PRODUCTS Tata Steel's products include hot and cold rolled coils and sheets. wire rods.steeljunction . Tata Wiron (galvanised wire products). tubes.Overseas: Development of a source of low ash coal from Queensland. In an attempt to 'decommoditise' steel. rings and bearings. . Australia Ferro Chrome production in Richards Bay.for making steel shopping a happy and memorable experience. Tata Tiscon (re-bars). Tata Pipes (pipes for construction) and Tata Structura (contemporary construction material). galvanised sheets. The company's Retail Value Management addresses the needs of distributors.

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