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No Ledger Name Under : Group

1 Arjun Capital A/c Capital A/c
2 Arjun Drawing A/c Capital A/c
3 Supplier Name Sundry Creditor
4 Customer Name Sundry Debtor
5 Cash A/c Cash in Hand
6 Petty Cash A/c Cash in Hand
7 Furniture A/c Fixed Asset
8 Computer A/c Fixed Asset
9 Building A/c Fixed Asset
10 Purchase A/c Purchase A/c
11 Cash Purchase A/c Purchase A/c
12 Credit Purchase A/c Purchase A/c
13 Purchase-Soap A/c Purchase A/c
14 Purchase Return /c Purchase A/c
15 Sales A/c Sales A/c
16 Cash Sales A/c Sales A/c
17 Credit Sales A/c Sales A/c
18 Sales Soap A/c Sales A/c
19 Sales Return A/c Sales A/c
20 Trade Discount on Purchase Purchase A/c
21 Trade Discount on Sales Sales A/c
22 Cash Discount Received Indirect Income
23 Cash Discount to Customer Indirect Expenses
24 Telephone Expenses Indirect Expenses
25 Salary A/c Indirect Expenses
26 Wages A/c Direct Expenses
27 Fuel Expenses A/c Direct Expenses
28 Power Expenses A/c Direct Expenses
29 Overhead Expenses A/c Direct Expenses
30 Fees Received Direct Incomes
31 Interest Received InDirect Incomes
32 Share Capital A/C Capital A/c
33 Equity Capital A/c Capital A/c
34 Partners Capital A/c Capital A/c
35 Generel Reserve A/c Reserves & Surplus
36 Capital Reserve A/c Reserves & Surplus
37 Investment Allowance Reserve A/c Reserves & Surplus
38 Share Premium A/c Reserves & Surplus
39 Indian Bank A/c Bank OD A/c
40 SBI Bank A/c Bank A/c
41 Debenture A/c Secured Loans A/c
42 Loan From Bank Secured Loans A/c
43 Loan From Outside Party UnSecured Loans A/c
44 Loan From Aravind(Friend) UnSecured Loans A/c
45 Sales Tax Duties & Taxes A/c
46 Output Vat 4% Duties & Taxes A/c
47 Output Vat 12.5% Duties & Taxes A/c
48 Input Vat 12.5% Duties & Taxes A/c
49 TDS on Rent Duties & Taxes A/c
50 Excise Duty A/c Duties & Taxes A/c
51 All Tax A/c Duties & Taxes A/c
52 Provison for Bad Debts Provisions
53 Salary Payable A/c Provisions
54 Rent Payable a/c Current Liabilities
55 Liabilty of Expenses Current Liabilities
56 Investment in Share Investments
57 Stock in Hand Stock in Hand
58 Stock of Raw Meterials Stock in Hand
59 Fixed Deposits Deposits(Asset)
60 Security Deposit A/c Deposits(Asset)
61 Telephone Deposit A/c Deposits(Asset)
62 Deposit in Other Company Deposits(Asset)
63 Loans to Employees Loans and Advances(Assets)
64 Kovai Branch A/c Branch/Divisons
65 Preliminary Expenses A/c Misc.Expenses(Asset)
66 Professional Fees Sales A/c
67 Commission Received Direct Income
68 Delivery Charges(In Purchase Bill) Purchase A/c
69 Depreciation A/c Indirect Expenses
70 Carriage Inwards Direct Expenses
71 Carriage Outwards InDirect Expenses
72 Frieght Charges Direct Expenses
Another Examples
1 Share Capital A/c Capital Account
2 Proprietor Capital A/c Capital Account
3 Santha Capital A/c Capital Account
Reserves and Surplus (Retained
4 General Reserve A/c,
Reserves and Surplus (Retained
5 Capital Reserve A/c
Reserves and Surplus (Retained
6 Share Premium A/c
Reserves and Surplus (Retained
7 Profit and Surplus Reserve A/c
Reserves and Surplus (Retained
8 Revaluation Reserve A/c
9 Bank OD A/c Bank OD Accounts
10 SBI Bank OD A/c Bank OD Accounts
11 SBI Secured Loan A/c Secured Loans
12 Loan from Aswin Finance Secured Loans
13 Loan from Ganesh Unsecured Loans
14 Loan from Umesh Unsecured Loans
15 Deposit Received From Iman A/c Unsecured Loans
16 Liabilities for Expenses, Current Liabilites
17 Employee Contribution for ESI Current Liabilites
18 PF A/c Current Liabilites
19 TDS Realized from Contractor Current Liabilites
20 TDS Realized from Employee Current Liabilites
21 Sales Tax A/c Duties and Taxes
22 CST A/c Duties and Taxes
23 Excise Duty 10% A/c Duties and Taxes
24 Input Vat A/c Duties and Taxes
25 Output Vat A/c Duties and Taxes
26 Additonal Tax A/c Provisions
27 Leave Encashment A/c Provisions
28 Pension Scheme A/c Provisions
29 Proposed dividends Provisions
30 Nantha Pvt Ltd A/c Sundry Creditors
31 Ganesh Pvt Ltd A/c Sundry Creditors
32 Supplier A/c Sundry Creditors
33 Creditor A/c Sundry Creditors
34 Bike A/c , Fixed Assets
35 Lorry A/c Fixed Assets
36 Office Building A/c, Fixed Assets
37 Computer A/c, Fixed Assets
38 Furniture A/c, Fixed Assets
39 Land A/c Fixed Assets
40 Equity Share A/c Investments
41 Kisan Vikas Pathra A/c Investments
42 Savings Bonds A/c Investments
43 National Saving Certificates (NSCs) Investments
44 Stock of Raw Materials A/c Stock In Hand
45 Stock of Finished Goods A/c Stock In Hand
46 Stock of Pipe A/c Stock In Hand
47 SBI Fixed Deposit A/c Deposits(Assets)
48 Sales Tax Deposit A/c Deposits(Assets)
49 Telephone Deposit A/c Deposits(Assets)
50 Rent Deposit A/C Deposits(Assets)
51 Electricity Deposit A/c Deposits(Assets)
52 Advance to Supplier A/c Loans and Advances (Assets)
53 Advance Salary A/c Loans and Advances (Assets)
54 advance to rama pvt ltd (supplier) Loans and Advances (Assets)
55 Customer A/c Sundry Debtors
56 Rayal Traders A/c Sundry Debtors
57 Advance received from Customer Sundry Debtors
58 Cash in Hand Cash in Hand
59 Petty Cash A/c Cash in Hand
60 Cash at Bangalore Branch A/c Cash in Hand
61 State Bank of India A/C Bank Accounts
62 Indian Bank A/C Bank Accounts
63 West Mambalam Branch Branch/ Divisions
64 Madurai Branch A/c Branch/ Divisions
65 Preliminary Expenses A/c, Misc.Expenses (Asset)
Advance Paid to
66 Travelling Expenses A/c Suspense A/c
After received Travelling Allowance bill from
concern person , above ledger should be changed to indirect expenses
67 Sales of Pipe A/c Sales A/c
68 Export Sales A/c Sales A/c
69 Sales @ 10% Sales A/c
70 Sales A/c Sales A/c
71 Sales Return A/c Sales A/c
for servicing companies………………..
72 Professional Charges A/c Sales A/c or Direct Income
73 Consulting Fees A/c Sales A/c or Direct Income
74 Service Charges A/c Sales A/c or Direct Income
75 Professional Charges A/c Direct Income
76 Rent Received A/c Indirect Income
77 Interest Received A/c Indirect Income
78 Commision Received A/c Indirect Income
79 Purchase A/c Purchase A/c
80 Purchase Return A/c Purchase A/c
81 Cash Purchase A/c Purchase A/c
82 Credit Purchase A/c Purchase A/c
83 Frieght Charges A/c (if inluded in purchase bill ) Purchase A/c
84 Delivery Charges A/c (if inluded in purchase bill ) Purchase A/c
85 Postage Charges A/c(if inluded in purchase bill ) Purchase A/c
86 Sales Tax Charges A/c(if inluded in purchase bill ) Purchase A/c
87 Carriage inwards A/c Direct Expenses
88 Wages A/c Direct Expenses
89 Telephone Charges A/c Indirect Expenses
90 Bank Charges A/c Indirect Expenses
91 Rent Charges A/c Indirect Expenses