The State Of World Children, Moslem Children In Focus. 4.3 Million Death A Year!

Assalamualaikum,Peace Be Upon The Reader! Sounds familiar? Of Course, that is the greeting that we all say upon meeting with fellow Muslim, but do we really understand the meaning and do we really believe and pray for our fellow Muslim Well Being? Each of Us can answer this question, either it has became a custom to us or it is something that we take for granted. 3 There is always the Question Of Why? Why Should I be reading this? What Makes it Different? To answer these question I would like the reader to understand my point of view and back ground as the reason why I started this online Islamic Magazine. I stumbled into the following fact by just browsing around the Internet. 1. Four Point Three Million (4.3) Children in OIC Countries (Organization Of Islamic Countries )under the age of 5 year old died from preventable diseases and malnutrition. 60 % of these children died before their first year. 2. Six Million (6) children suffer stunting as a result of Malnutrition. 3. 23% of the population does not have access to clean drinking water. 4. 43% Lack adequate santitation. ; 2005 Report UNICEF (United Nation Children Fund). Author Note: So my dear Muslim brothers and sister, where is our commitment and compassion? 358,333.3 of our brother and sister died every month under the nation which pride themself as Organization Of Islamic Countries! These innocent blood is spilled every month, not because of bullet, war and bombing but it is just plain and simple that we don’t care toward our unfortunate brother and sister. So of us might be complacent and say, “from Allah We Came and From Allah we Return”!. But this is not what the prophet teaches us!. Be caring toward our neighbour, if we have food share with them. In a Global World , funds and means can travel across boundries within a few second, hours, days or month. So here I am within this consciousness and the burden of the innocent blood on my consciouness i would like to spread this message to the rest of us Professor of Syahadah!

The Condition Of Arab Nation. Some of us especially in Malaysia or Indonesia, would assume that the rich Arab States can and might provide a helping hand toward the current predicament. But lets look at the fact! A Snap Shot at :The Arab Human Development Report: A Roadmap to Arab Reform, Emancipation and ModernizationUnited Nations Development Programme UNDP Human Development Training Course September 14, 2004

• The population of the Arab nation —approximately 280 million in 2000 — is a youthful one. Almost half of the population is under fifteen years of age. Given the current annual rate of increase, the population will be approximately 400 million by the year 2020. • The GDP of all Arab countries combined ($531.2 billion) is less than that of Spain ($595.5bn). • Approximately 40% of adult Arabs - 65 million people - are illiterate, two thirds of whom are women. • Over 50 million young people will enter the labor market by 2010, 100 million will enter by 2020 - a minimum of 6 million new jobs need to be created each year to absorb these new entrants. • regional unemployment will reach 25 million by 2010 • One-third of the region lives on less than two dollars a day. • Only 1.6 percent of the population has access to the Internet • Fifty-one percent of older Arab youths expressed a desire to emigrate to other countries, according to the 2002 AHDR, with European countries the favorite destination. • future, it will take the average Arab citizen 140 years to double his or her income. • Labor productivity has been low and is declining. In fact: Total factory productivity declined at an annual average of 0.2% during 1960-1990

At a time when e-commerce and the Internet are growing worldwide, the Arab world needs policies that ensure that fully digital economies emerge. And at a time when information technology is a key to success, many Arab communities and individuals are simply unable to take advantage of it. So my dear reader as we hoped and dream of the great oil sheikh to be the helper and the main aggregator to our changes, take a look at the bleak future.! So with all this in mind let us walk into the 21st Century with a change mindset and a plan to catapult each Muslim to their fullest State and Submission to the will of Allah and to be proud to be called a Muslim.