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This is to certify that the project titled HOTEL MANAGEMENT is a bonafied work carried out by VINEET CHAUHAN, SARVOTTAM SINGH, PRATYAKSH JEET & SAURABH GANGWAR in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree from U.P. Technical University, Lucknow .

Internal Guide Mr.Lokesh




This is to acknowledge that the started performance “HOTEL MANAGEMENT” is designed to be presented as a project work with Visual Basics at front end & Access as back end. First of all we would like to extend our indebtedness to” “who guided us a lot in framing the project. We are grateful to our instructors and course-mates that provided many helpful suggestions and also corrected us during the primary analysis phase of the project. We also thank our institute for the valuable guidance without which it could not have been possible.



Design • Table Design • DFD • ER Diagram 10. System Analysis 8. Testing & Debugging 12. Certificate 3. Coding 10. Acknowledgement 4. Conclusion 13. Synopsis 6.Table of Contents 1. Bibliography 4 . Table of Contents 5. Requirement Analysis 9. Cover Page 2. Feasibility Study 7.

Usha Shriram hotel.e. We have tried to develop this software. Thus we have tried to focus our attention on this project by computerizing it keeping in mind its importance. which would be helpful in the hotel industry to make job easier. This project is a live project which is based on a particular hotel i. Can seek the required information as this software has the concept of password. There was a time when all the work in the hotels were performed manually like customer’s records employee details. and time saved. which is only known to Admin. This software also provides the security of data. Only the Admin. situated in Delhi 5 .SYNOPSIS INTRODUCTION Hotel industry is one of the leading industries in India and as well as worldwide today. but in today’s world life is to fast therefore our motive is to minimize human labor and make all the job more convenient. room status & billing etc.

NAME DESCRIPTION 1 Frm customer It gives the details of customer information 2 Frm Employee It gives the details of employee 3 4 5 6 7 Room Enquiry Frm services Frm bill Frm check in Frm check out It provides the choice of rooms (single or double) to customer It deals with facilities & food section.No.bas DESCRIPTION Contain a global variable for delectating a connection with a database & fields containing the user name & category.MODULES S. Add the new customer record & save it in customer file. S. It generates the bill. It updates the customer file after customer leaving the hotel.N o 1. 6 . NAME Module1.

windows. Visual Basic is an event driven programming language.TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGY USED The tools and technologies used for this module is Visual basic – 6 in the front-end and MS-Access in the back-end. The very purpose of the parent language BASIC (Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). Why Visual-Basic:Every programmer and developer today is in search of an ideal language and platform. Visual Basic programs are very simple to write. It’s features increase productivity by providing tools that are user friendly and help to create sophisticated applications. which is to teach computer programming to a beginner. Visual-Basic is highly interactive programming language. that is best and fast to create all kind of software applications. has been retained in Visual Basic also. 7 . Therefore the only pre-requisite to work in Visual Basic environment is to have a firm understanding of how to use mouse. which is ideal for developing applications for MS-Windows. By event driven programming it means that what should execute when specific events occur. The biggest part of writing the programme in Visual Basic involves writing program codes for the multitude of possible events that can occur to the forms and controls when the program is running. pull down menus and dialogue boxes. The development of Visual-basic has created a pleasant revolution by proving itself to be nearly perfect by satisfying their needs. Unlike other windows programming environments like Visual C++ . Visual Basic relies very heavily on the windows user interface.

which has automatic built-in formatting and syntax checking capabilities. Events that happen with the controls:Click: This event is generated when a command button is chosen. 8 .Visual Basic as a programming language has proved to be easier compared to other programming languages. The user interface in Visual Basic executes the action it has to carry out when an event occurs. Double Click: This is generated when an object is double clicked. In Visual Basic you have to draw the visual objects and then enter code in a module. In conventional programming languages like ‘C’ and ‘Pascal’ you have to write codes to display visual objects on your user interface and specifically instruct the user interface about the action it has to carry out when an event occurs. Unload: This is used to free the memory taken by the form. Change: This event responds to changes to a control. which make it one of the most powerful windows programming environments. It has many in-built tools. Examples of some of the events:Events that happen with forms:Load: It is executed with the start up of the form.

3. We can avoid some of the bugs during application design by pre-planning. and structures. Major bugs are severe and will affect the program from being used correctly. Minor bugs usually do not affect the program from serving its purpose. On error Resume Next: This specifies that when a run-time error occurs. On Error GoTo 0: Disable any enabled error handler in the current procedure. control branch to next statement immediately. Capability to work with ODBC and SQL Drivers in order to access and manage data in relational databases. 9 . Data Access In Visual Basic:Visual Basic allows accessing and manipulating data databases. They may slow down the computer. generate a general protection failure etc. 2. On Error Go To Line: This enables the handling routine that starts at any line label or line number. It includes a number of features that makes database access relatively simple like: Close attachment with the MS-Access database program. change color etc. These error statements are:1. Mistakes that do not allow the functioning of the program to it are desired tasks are known as bugs. In Visual Basic the errors and mistakes that are committed when entering the code at design time lead to the display of error messages during compilation and run-time. In all the other languages except Visual Basic error handling is the most complex part but in Visual Basic it’s a child’s play. It allows managing databases. They may erase files. All these bugs no matter minor or major may be handled in Visual Basic by certain error statements. Data control to access and display database information with other controls. objects.Error Handling in Visual Basic:The most important part in the project is error handling.

The data exchange is called Conversation. One can exchange data by establishing DDE links. It allows to display. Within the file. which is a establishes protocol that enables your application to directly & continuously exchange data through active links between application that run under MS-Windows. Visual Basic also enables to create an application. divide your file into separate storage containers called table: view. edit and update information from many types of databases. (Dynamic data exchange). DDE depends on links between a Visual Basic program & other programs. So. Visual Basic provides the feature DDE. you may be tracking information from variety of sources that you have to coordinate & organize yourself. In Visual Basic professional edition we can also create or modify databases using the data access objects programming interfaces. If your database is not stored on computer.Visual Basic includes the Microsoft jet database Engine that powers MS-Access. which displays data from much different application & also allows editing the data from with in the application in which it was created. you can manage all your information from a single database file. Visual Basic has created a pleasant revolution by proving itself to be nearly perfect by satisfying their needs. Using Microsoft-access. These links can be created during design time as well as run-time. or only part of it are. such as tracking customer orders or maintaining a music collection. Thus with all the above-mentioned features. it was used as a front-end tool in our module. In Visual Basic standard edition we can use the data control to access information in existing databases. Why Access: A database is a collection of information that’s related to a particular subject or purpose. 10 .

find & retrieve just the data you want by using queries. create a form. define relationships between the tables. update table data by using online forms. &another report with different date formatted for printing mailing mailing labels. When you open a form. Microsoft-access retrieves the data from one or more tables & displays it on the screen with the layout you choose in the page wizard. data entry. create a report For example. A query can also update or delete multiple records at the same time. To store the data. you might print one report that groups data & calculates totals. display it on the screen with the layout you choose in the form wizard. & analyze the data base’s from the internet or an intranet by creating data access pages. or data analysis. To make data available on the Internet or an intranet for interactive reporting. 11 . To easily view. data or data access page. form. & change data directly in the table. create a query. create one table for each type for each type of information that you track. To bring the data form multiple tables together in a query. To find & retrieve just the data meets condition that you specify. or a layout that you create from scratch.add. User can interact with the date by using features on the data access page. including data from multiple tables. Microsoft-access retrieves the data from one or more tables. use a data access page. To analyze your data or present it a certain way in print. &perform predefined or custom calculation on your data. enter. or a layout that you create from scratch.

visiting the hotel &getting the necessary information system was considered to be feasible. There was a satisfactory manual system of record keeping & procedures. keeping of records etc. There was need for improved management information to extend facilities. There was infrastructure available to install the computer system besides   this counter staff was quite suitable to operate a computerized system. & whether the cost of such computerization would justify the benefits accrued in terms of increased efficiency & reduction of work load of all concerned operating staff. The operating staff was quite responsive & encouraging in the proposed  computerization plans.  The problem was excessive workload.  The volume of data involved was high & needed large number of staff to manage the record. 12 .FEASIBILITY STUDY The first step involved in computerizing a system is to conduct feasibility study to deter-mine whether it be possible to install a system for processing the data. which could not be coped up with the available staff. Accordingly.

Computer presentation of existing system.SYSTEM ANALYSIS Analysis is the detailed study of various operation performed by the system with the intent of improving it through better process and methods. 3. Using information from module of organization Information Sources The main sources of information were: 1. Ensuring. we need to study how it function currently? What are problems and what are requirement that proposed should meet. verifying and marinating software integrity. System and Software analysis 2. Design and implementation of software. System analysis means a detailed description before computerizing system under consideration. Identify information sources 2. it has to be analyzed. All relevant personal were consulted and no information was over-looked. Presentations and documents using organization 3. Users of the system 2. To gather information one has to perform different methods: 1. Revolving a method of obtaining information from identified source. 13 . The main components of making software are: 1. Information Gathering The team gathers all the information by visiting at the site to have information of existing system. 3.

staff records department record or other record in the existing system. The previous mechanism used by hotel is either manual or maintain cash registers.  Customers always desire to know the relevant details like –The room availability at various floors & the status of rooms i.  There was no technology to maintain customer record. The main problems in the existing system are as under: -  The existing system does not provide security from other members.EXISTING SYSTEM In the existing system. automated mechanism is absent to maintain small hotels.  The existing system does not indicate the vacancy of room’s category wise.  In the existing system the user will have to calculate the amount manually for services provided to customer. which could have been useful to higher authorities. Any member of hotel can easily access the data by seeing or getting the information from the register & that person can misuse the information gained from records. single or double etc  The reservation of rooms for a particular day or date is not effectively maintain by the user in the existing system.e. So they find it difficult to manage hotel. 14 . And by doing so there may be chance of committing mistake. The bill is being given to customer from their bill book.

o User friendliness: This system is very easy to learn and understand and even a novice can use the system effectively. To achieve this it is necessary to design & develop a new system. It will process the data’s more accurately & quickly. o Less time consumption: The time taken by the staff to carry out various jobs is much less in the proposed system. o User satisfaction: The system stands up to the expectations of user by giving him the easy access and retrieval of information. make comparisons for distinct periods and draw the conclusions speedily. 15 . o Ease in maintenance of information: The maintenance of information in the new system will be much easier as new information is added with every new customer getting in and checking out.PROPOSED SYSTEM A close scrutiny of the existing system clearly shows that it does not meet the requirement of the organization adequately. which have the following benefits over existing system:o Flexibility in generation of information: The generation of reports in the proposed system will take minimum time and will be more accurate. o Less time to derive conclusions: User of the proposed system can compile information at higher speed. thus making it more economic and fast. o Accuracy: As the information is prepared electronically hence it tends to be highly accurate than in the existing system. To make it more effective & user friendly the computerization of information system will be an essential addition to it.

REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS The origin of most software system is in the need of a client. MS ACCESS 16 . System Requirement HARDWARE INTEL PENTIUM 500 MHZ 64 MB RAM 1. Thus there are three major parties interested in a new system: the client use and the developers.0. Since my main aim is to learn that how projects are made and maintained.2G. The basic purpose of software requirement specification is to bridge communication gap between the software development process and client problems. I have done this analysis in order to make a prototype of what the new system should look like.B HARD DISK OPERATING SYSTEM WINDOWS 98 SOFTWARE VB6. who either wants to automate an existing manual system or desires a new software System. so this project of mine has gone through all stages of software development process.

2.  User satisfaction: The system is such that it stands up to the user s expectation. without any difficulty. Acceptance criteria The following acceptance criteria were established for evaluation of the new system: 1.A naïve should be able to use the system effectively. This has to be taken care of while programming. Further. the execution time should be very low and response time should be good. The-developed software should provide all functions. 17 .The system should safeguard against undesired events without human intervention.  Response time: The response time for an operation should be much less as it can be. The system developed should be accurate and hence reliable that is the error rate should be minimized and the output should be accurate and consistence.Performance requirement The following characteristics are taken care of while developing the system  User friendly: The system should be easy to learn and understand .  Safety and Robustness: The project should be able to avoid or tackle disastrous action .

modularity. Problem handling This project aims at providing user-friendly software. it should be able to cope with the business changes. Exception handling To ensure that the system does not halt in case of undesired situation or event. 4-.3 . which will automate the working of a bank. 18 . Some of them are: displaying proper data types of value should be checked while entering them in databases or display error message otherwise. The system must satisfy the standards of good software that are: User friendly. timeliness. maintainability. exception handling which are raised if the connections made are not proper from application to the databases etc. 5-. Providing the user with an integrated package so that working can be coordinated. The proposed aim is to provide the following: 1.It should satisfy the criteria specified in the functional and performance requirement. the exceptional conditional should be taken care by providing the corresponding exception responses while developing the system . The system should have a scope of future modification and enhancement that is.All the error handling and validation are to be provided with the system.

To prepare all the reports required and allowing the user to solve some of the queries he might have.2. 19 .To develop a system such that it stands to the user expectation.To provide a vision RDBMS on each of the user’s desktop and a system which could be integrated with the corporate databases of the main network. 4. 6.To provide user-friendly environment.Providing methods of auditing the system 5. To remove data redundancy and gain consistency. 3. 7.

In this project I have used MICROSOFT ACCESS 97 .In Microsoft Access I have used a database and nine tables. 6. 7. 3. Following are the design of the table. 5. CHKINROOMS CHKOUTROOMS CUSTOMERDETAILS CUSTOMERREPORT EMPLOYEEDETAIL FACILITIES FOOD 9. BLLINGDETAIL 2. which I used in project NAME OF THE DATA BASE: CHAN NUMBER OF THE TABLE: NAME OF THE TABLE USED: 1. 4. ROOM NINE 20 . 8.DATABASE DESIGN Database is a collection of records .

TABLE DESIGN TABLE: 1 (BILLINGDETAILS) Booking No 4 4 5 5 4 6 6 7 7 5 6 8 Item Facilities Food Facilities Food Food Facilities Food Facilities Food Food Food Facilities Cost 4250 790 1450 525 600 6250 945 6250 795 180 600 300 TABLE: 2 (CHKIN DETAILS) Booking No 4 8 5 6 7 Customer Code 4 5 8 9 10 Room No 1 21 2 3 6 Advance 1000 23 2000 500 1000 21 .

TABLE: 3 (CHKOUTDETAILS) Booking No 4 5 5 6 7 4 6 6 6 Room No 1 2 2 3 6 1 3 3 3 Days 4 5 5 2 5 -6 392 0 394 ChkOut 10/25/2002 10/22/2002 10/22/2002 10/15/2002 11/6/2002 10/15/2002 11/9/2003 10/13/2002 11/11/2003 22 .

Beta 1st RajNagar Rajnagar Kandala 4665555 4665095 4665577 5765587 687689 988766544 5 3483948 981111100 000 727182 981172172 981000000 7 981153694 5 Fax email city State U.com to_arvind@y Greater ahoo. country India Pin roomtype Single Room Single Room Double Room Double Room Single Room Single Room Double Room ranju_bhatia Dadri @yahoo.TABLE:4 (CUSTOMERDETAIL) custome custome address1 address2 address3 phone1 phone2 mobile rCode rname 4 Ranjul Bhatia 4666666 981111111 Bhavan 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 Priya Arvind Rahul Deepak Amatus Bhatia Bhavan A-192.co m priya@yaho Dadri o.P U.P Bihar India India India India India India 20102 0 Mr & Mrs Haziganz Neena 23 .com Noida Ghaziab ad Ghaziab ad Meerut Patna CheckI n 10/21/2 002 10/21/2 002 10/21/2 002 10/21/2 002 10/17/2 002 10/13/2 002 11/1/20 02 UP UP UP U.P.

Salisbury Road Address Address3 2 Pin City Ghaziabad Mumbai Saket London State UP Maharashtra New Delhi London Country India India India UK Phone1 4722120 Phone2 Fax Mobile Email Designation Middle Mgmt Maneagr Director Chair Person 6805322 4544444 9811111190 9820585858 priyanka@y ahoo.Vista Centre .Anupam Apartment 23.com 9811536945 9811111111 24 .TABLE:5 (CUSTOMER REPORTS) sno customername roomtype roomno 4 Ranjul Single Room 1 5 Amatus Single Room 3 6 Deepak Single Room 2 7 Mr & Mrs Neena Double Room 6 checkindate 10/21/2002 10/13/2002 10/17/2002 11/1/2002 checkoutdate 10/25/2002 10/15/2002 10/22/2002 11/6/2002 amount 9040 11195 6975 27045 BookingNo 4 6 5 7 TABLE:6 (EMPLOYEEDETAILS) Employee Employee Code Name 3 Shweta 4 Priyanka 5 6 Arvind Singh Ranjul Address1 Nehru Nagar Bandra West E-157.

TABLE:7 (FACILITIES) description POOL Swimming Pool Car Rentals Laundry Services Beach Club Bike Rental Transfers to and from the Airport Billiards Disco BAR Laundry swimming sigle 2 Cost 50 500 1000 200 400 500 500 100 1000 2000 3500 546 32 2 TABLE:8 (FOOD) foodtype BreakFast Snacks Snacks Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Lunch Lunch Lunch Breakfast fooditem Tea Soft Drinks Pizza Dal Makhani Sahi Paneer Mix Veg. Rice Butter Nan matart-paneer chana-masala Tandoori Butter Nan Chilly Chicken Fried Rice Plain Rice Manchurian Chilly Chicken 7867 78 Cost 10 20 300 100 100 100 50 15 100 80 15 15 120 60 50 80 120 56 8 .

26 .

TABLE:9 (ROOM) roomno 1 2 3 5 6 7 10 12 23 21 15 99 98 roomtype Single Room Single Room Single Room Double Room Double Room Double Room Double Room Single Room Single Room Single Room Single Room Double Room Double Room cost 1000 1000 2000 4000 4000 4000 4000 2000 2000 2000 2000 4000 4000 Status Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant Already Booked Vacant Vacant Vacant 27 .

CONTEXT DIAGRAM Visitor Information Visitor Check in Hotel Employee Generation of Slip Management System Employee Information Monthly Status 28 . 4. An arrow identifies data flow data in motion. An oval bubble represents a process that transforms incoming data flow to outgoing data flow.DFD SYMBOLS USED IN DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS The DFD was fast developed by larry constantine as a way if expressing system requirements. 3. It is a pipeline through which information flows. A Square defines a source or destination of system date. An open rectangle is a data store data at rest. 2. 1.

0 Food Facilities 5.0 Room Status Alter Allocation 3.0 Visitor Reception Check in 2.0 Facilities 4.LEVEL 1 DFD 1.0 Check Out Bill 6.0 Generation of Slip 29 .

1 Single Room update Room File 2.IIND LEVEL DFD Update 2.1 User’s decision 2.2 Double Room Update File Room Update 5.0 Visitor Room Status Update Check in File Customer Detail File 2.0 Visitor Check out Update Check Out File Room File Customer Detail File Billing Detail File 30 .

no Chko no ut data Chkin proces S Chk out chkout B n o n a Custmer details Room assign ed day status r.no cost room m e r.type food Food avail able f.co st 31 .E-R DIAGRAM Chkou t proces s adva Chk in nce b.type Gener ating bill Facilitie s availble Facilities bills co st descptio n cost Bill.item f.no c.n o Items. faciltie s f.no r. no b.type r.co de chkdat a room Room.

32 .

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