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Top 30 reasons why I vote republican

1. I have full confidence in myself and my ability to make decisions, I don't need the
media, or MTV to influence me
2. Before every time of peace, there was a prior war
3. If matter cannot be created or destroyed, who…or what created matter
4. I believe women and ethnic minorities are smart enough and capable enough to
make it on their own, they do not need the government to help them
5. The long run always out-weights the short run
6. Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun
7. I believe if you want to come to this country you should play by our rules. That is
how it is in every other nation of the world
8. How many times have you ever been hired full-time by a poor person?????
9. Except for family, I don't take handouts
10. I believe it is wrong to cheat on your wife (or spouse)
11. I believe immigrants are good hard working citizens, but without learning the
language, accepting our culture and traditions, and PAYING TAXES, they will
always be looked down upon. It is for their own benefit to do this
12. Texas has the death penalty and the lowest crime rate. I wonder if there is a
correlation between the two?
13. Arizona and North Carolina have low taxes, and high job growth. I wonder if
there is a correlation between the two?
14. California has the highest number of immigrants using the healthcare and
education systems. Cali also have the largest deficit. I wonder if there is a
correlation between the two?
15. New York and California have the highest Corporate taxes. I wonder why that is
why companies form those states are downsizing, outsourcing, or just plain
16. When it comes to voting Gay rights, Abortion, and Seperation of Church and
State are important issues to me, but not as important as Monetary, Moral, and
Military issues.
17. I believe Defense, Police, Firefighters, Healthcare, Education, and Roads/Public
Transportation should be the bulk of Government spending.
18. A country who forgets about its defenders, will also soon be forgotten
19. I believe in finding a solution to a problem, not protesting about a problem
20. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe it was the same democrats that cried over
separation of church and state when republicans tried to institute prayer in public
schools. So explain to me how democrats are trying to force a law on the church,
(or any religious institution) forcing them to marry gays, is consistent. Isn't
church and state supposed to be separate? I thought we could not impose laws on
religious institutions? But hey…Gays should be unionized somehow!!! I believe
they should have the same rights as married couples such as taxes, etc.
21. Under a republican president, the rich still pay the highest amount in taxes. So
what is everyone crying about?
22. Pharmecuetical companies are not evil corporations that mark-up their prices for
fun. They have something called overhead. It cost millions of dollars to get a
drug out on the market. That is if it is approved by the FDA of course
23. People complain about the price of gas, but they don't want companies to drill in
Alaska. This would only double or own supply, make us less dependent on
foreign oil, and cut prices in half. Supply and Demand people.
24. American Troops should be allowed to shoot to kill, because that is what the
enemy does.
25. Except For Ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism, War Has Never
Solved Anything
26. I believe marijuana is a gateway drug, and that has also been proven
27. Paying people by commission increases total revenue, and productivity
28. The more you sue McDonalds, the more they will raise their prices
29. I believe everyone is equal, and when it comes to opportunity the more you put in,
the more you get out.
30. I believe America is the land of opportunity, and freedom, (move to North Korea
and tell me how free you are) but freedom is not free.

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