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City of Miami Gity Hat 2500 Pan Amercan Drive HEPB Resolution Miami, FL 33133 vw. Enactment Number: HEPB-R-19-012 File Number: 5524 7 Final Action Date:3/5/2019 A RESOLUTION OF THE MIAMI HISTORIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL PRESERVATION BOARD, PURSUANT TO SEC. 23-6.2(4) OF THE CITY CODE OF ORDINANCES, DENYING AN APPLICATION FOR AN AFTER-THE-FACT SPECIAL CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS FOR THE PAINTING OF MURALS ON A NON-CONTRIBUTING PROPERTY, LOCATED AT APPROXIMATELY 6789 BISCAYNE BOULEVARD, MIAMI, FLORIDA, 33138, WITHIN THE MIAMI MODERN/BISCAYNE BOULEVARD HISTORIC DISTRICT; FURTHER, INCORPORATING BY REFERENCE THE FINDINGS IN THE STAFF ANALYSIS ATTACHED HEREIN AS “EXHIBIT A”, THIS DECISION IS FINAL UNLESS APPEALED IN THE HEARING BOARDS. DIVISION WITHIN FIFTEEN (15) DAYS. Preservation Officer STATEOF FLORIDA) COUNTY OF MIAMI-DADE} Personally appeared before me, the undersigned authority, WOLKE ALON _ Preservation Officer ofthe City of Mami, Florida, and acknowledges that she exacuted the foregoing Resolution SWORN AND SUBSCRIBED BEFORE ME THIS ZT"Bay oF _Maychy 2019 Silvia Gonza\ez Print Notary Narre J Personally know. ‘or Produced ID. ‘Type and number OFT, produces id take an oath ‘or Did not ake an cath uy coMssiOn# Goes! BXPRES: over 30,2020. ened Tuy ai Urs Giy of Miami Page Toft Tile: 8524 (Rovislon:) Printed On: 3262070 Ux City of Miami =) Planning Department y yy Historic Preservation Office ANALYSIS FOR A SPECIAL CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS APPLICANT: Joey Cancel PROJECT NO: PZ-19-653 PROJECT ADDRESS: 6789 Biscayne Blvd. ZIP: 33138 NET OFFICE: Upper Eastside HEARING DATE: 3/5/2019 COMMISSION DISTRICT: District 5 (Keon Hardemon) STATUS: Non-contributing A GENERAL INFORMATION: REQUEST: Pursuant to Section 23-6.2(b)(4) of the City Code of Ordinances, as amended, the Applicant is requesting an after-the-fact Special Certificate of Appropriateness to allow for the painting of murals on a parcel zoned T5-O “Urban Transect Zone” and T34. “Sub-Utban Transect Zone" ‘The subject property is a non-contributing structure located within the South Elmira Subdivision and the Upper Eastside Net Area. The site is located on the southeast corner of Biscayne Boulevard and 68 Street (complete legal description ison file with Hearing Boards), Folio: 0132180080010 Lot Size: Approximately 22,116 sq.ft. BACKGROUND: (On June 6, 2006, the Historic and Environmental Preservation Board, pursuant to Ordinance No. HEPB-2006-69, designated the subject property located at 6789 Biscayne Boulevard, as part ofthe MiMo/BIBo Historic District. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: The subject property is @ non-contributing structure within the MiMo/Biscayne Boulevard Historic, District constructed in 2009, Pursuant to Goal LU-2, 23 and 24 of the Miami Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan the City will preserve and protect the heritage of the City of Miami through the identification, evaluation, rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, restoration and public awareness of Miami's historic and archeological resources, W. Adams 6789 Biscayne Blvd, Project No. PZ-19-653 ara2019 Page tof 5 The Applicants request for an after-he-fact approval fr the painting of murals on a commercial parcel is in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan, Chapter 23 of the City of Miami Code of Ordinances, the Secretary of Interior Standards, and the Preservation Office Historic Design Guidelines D. SUBJECT PRIOR TO PAINTING: W. Adams 789 Biscayne Blvd, Project No. P2-19-653 ansarn0%9 Page 2085