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Bachelor of Physical Education 1-1

Princess Mae R. Bautista Philosophical and Socio-Anthropological

Foundations of P.E. and Sports

BPED 1-1 Prof. Dr. Ariston Alex Torres


Definite Goals and Objectives of Physical Education and Sports

Education and Sports play a vital role in our daily lives. It provides various
benefits to us, such as: Healthy mind and body; wholesome camaraderie with
others; productive past time and entertainment. We cannot achieved these
advantages if we are not fully aware of the goals and objectives of Physical
Education and Sports.

Based on, Physical Education is a course taught in school

that focuses on developing physical fitness and the ability to perform and enjoy
day-to-day physical activities with ease. While, Sports refers to a competitive
physical activity. Sport is generally recognised as activities based in physical
athleticism or physical dexterity. Consequently, Physical Education and Sports
are related to each other that also have similar goals and objectives.

On the other hand, according to, the goals of Physical

Education and Sports are as follows: Physical Education will develop the whole
child in every child; the physical educators will serve as role models, and
demonstrate knowledge of health, physical education and wellness; the physical
education classes will provide a variety of activities which will motivate the
students and increase participation. While the objectives of Physical Education
are: The physical education program will allow the students to participate in
developmentally appropriate activities; the physical education program will
develop and reinforce cooperative bahavior; the physical education program will
teach the students to establish lifelong fitness goals. Therefore, Physical
Education is a program that promotes wellnes and stand firmly against having
sedentary lifestyle of many Filipinos especially youth. Also, this is one of the
factors that we should acquire and regularly apply in our daily lives—make this
part of our routine.

According to Taylorview Middle School (an online open school for

students to gain mastery in the traditional core subjects of English, Math, Science
and Social Studies.), their goals and objectives in terms of sports programs are:
Providing activities that meet the needs of a variety of student interests and
abilities; fostering a culture committed to excellence and reaching the highest
possible level of achievement; providing value-based programs focused on good
character; promoting the understanding of the value of activities in the
educational process; promoting and representing a positive image of school
activities; providing opportunities for the student athlete to seek and achieve
academic, athletic and personal potential; providing and encouraging
professional development for coaches through school district events/activities.

Therefore, from the given goals and objectives for Sports Programs it is
really much related with the above-mentioned goals and objectives for Physical
Education. Simply, there is a need to make ourselves aware and learn first,
before engaging in different sports. Physical Education prepares every individual
to a more competetive yet healthy environment of Sports.