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In the nearby elementary school, the students are experiencing vomiting and nausea after

eating food from cafetaria. They suspect food poisoning

Dian: Oh my god, I’ve got stomachache. It's so hurt..

Mom: Are you okay? I think we should we go to the hospital now.

The mother go to the nearby hospital to check Dian's condition, In the UGD Dian's mother
asking for a help to the Nurse

Mom: Nurse, help please.

Nurse 1: Sure, Madam. My name is Nurse Sisti, and can you please tell me your name, please?
Dian: My name is Dian.
Nurse 1: Your date of birth?
Dian: 17 August 2006
Nurse 1: Your address?
Mother: Griya rt 1 rw 2 cibubur east Jakarta

Then the nurse check her bracelet to make sure her identity

Nurse 1: Can you tell me what did you feel?

Dian: I've got stomachace, nausea and vomitting.
Nurse 1: From this picture, can you tell me your rate for your stomachache?
Dian: Here (pointing at the picture)
Nurse 1: Ok, now I will check your vital sign first.
Dian : Yes, nurse.

The nurse do hand hygiene first before do the action

Nurse 1: Ok, I’ve done checking your vital sign and the result is, your blood pressure is 120/80,
your pulse is 80, your RR is 20, your temperature is 37.5 it’s all normal except your temperature
that is high. Now, you can take a rest and wait to the doctor.
Dian: Yes, nurse.

Nurse 2: Are you her mother, madam?

Mom: Yes, i am nurse. She’s been vomiting for five times
Nurse 2: Ok, then you need to do the administration first, and I will tell the doctor about your
children condition.

(at administration room)

Mom: Excuse me, miss. I want to do the administration for patient who had just arrived in UGD
an hour ago.
Administration: Oh, sure. First, you can sit down here
Mom: Ok, thank you, miss
Adm: Sure, madam. What's your children name?
Mom: It's Diana
Adm: Can you spell it?
Mom: Sure, it's D I A N A
Adm: Date of birth, madam?
Mom: Jakarta, 17 August 2009
Adm: Do you using a insurance payment or not, madam?
Mom: No, i'm not using insurance.

Adm: Ok, madam. Please wait for a minutes.

Adm: Madam, you can wait until your children moved to the ward. Your children will be moved
to the Dahlia ward room 3, madam.
Mom: Oh, yes ok miss. Thank you so much. please, give a good medication for my children.
Adm: My pleasure, madam. We will do our best.

(at the doctor’s room, the nurses reporting Dian’s vital sign result)

Nurse 2: Knock knock, may we come in, doctor?

Doctor: Sure
Nurse 2: Doctor, I want to reporting Dian’s vital sign result.
Doctor: Yes, please.
Nurse 2: Her blood pressure is 120/80, pulse 80, RR 20, temperature 37.5 oC and her pain scale is
5. Her mother said that she has been vomiting for five times today
Doctor: Ok, then please do the IV insertion first, take her blood and give to the laboratory
Nurse 2: Ok, doctor.

The nurse 2 and the doctor come to meet the patient

Doctor: Good morning, my name is Dr. Ary. Can you tell me your name?
Dian: My name is Dian, Doctor.
Doctor: Your date of birth?
Dian: 17 August 2006
Doctor: Can you tell me what did you feel?
Dian: I’ve got stomachache, nausea and vomiting.
Doctor: Ok, then. Nurse, please do the action.
Nurse 2: Yes, doctor.

Then the nurse asking for permission before do the IV insertion and taking blood

Nurse 2: Excuse me, madam. I need to do the IV insertion procedure to your children because
your children lost a lot of fluid after vomiting also we will taking her blood to and we will send it
to the laboratory. But, we need your agreement. Do you agree with the procedure, madam?
Mom: Yes, please nurse. Please do the best for my children.
Nurse 2: Sure, madam. You can sign here, the I will do the action now.
The nurse 2 do the IV insertion and taking blood

Nurse 2: Dian, now I will do the IV insertion to makes you feel better and I will take your blood
sample to send it to the laboratory. Are you ready?
Dian: Sure, but it is hurt?
Nurse: It might hurt a bit. If you feel hurt, you can take a deep breath, ok?
Dian: Yes, nurse.

Nurse 2: I already did the IV insertion and take your blood sample, how do you feel?
Dian: Glad then, it feels hurt a bit..
Nurse 2: But, you can handle it, right?
Dian: yes, and I feel better now.
Nurse 2: I see. Then, I will come back after 30 minutes to move you to the Anggrek ward, fourth
Dian: Thank you so much, nurse.
Nurse 2: My pleasure.

After an hour the laboratory result is out and the doctor come to Dian’s bed and tell them the

Doctor: Excuse me, madam. I want to tell you about the laboratory result. It says that Diana's
white blood cell or leukocyte is so high, it is 17.000/mm3. Leukocyte is a white blood cell related
to antibody to resist the germs. And the normal of leukocyte is 13.000/mm3
Mother: Oh my God
Doctor: Now, I will check her condition first.
Mother: Sure, Doctor.
Doctor: It is feel hurt?
Dian: Yes, it is feel hurt.
Doctor: Ok, I have done check your condition. You don’t need to feel worry, madam. We will give
Dian antibiotic and taking care of Dian with our best
Mom: Please do the best for my children, doctor.
Doctor: Sure, madam. And Dian, you need to take a rest.
Dian: Yes, doctor. Thank you so much.
Mom: Thank you so much, doctor.
Doctor: My pleasure.

And then the patient moved to the ward for recovery