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Connon 4 Tt ft QUESTION BOOKLET 631016047 Sqft Sr. No. Series . Roll No. (in Figures) #14. (314%): 6 Lo lCelf Roll No, (in Words) tet 4. (= #) Sie Htose ene Dada Ome Zee beth Segue . wa: 2 Time ; 2 Hours Sen ater Screening Test aftr amr : 95 Maximum Marks : 8 PLEASE READ THIS PAGE CAREFULLY. Note: Candidate should remove the sticker seal and open this Booklet ONLY after announcement by centre superintendent and should thereafter check and ensure that this Booklet contains all the 24 pages and tally with the same Code No. given at top of first page & the bottom of each & every page. If you find any defect, variation, tom or unprinted page, please have it replaced at once before you start answering IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS : 1. The Answer sheet of a candidate who does not write his Roll No., or writes an incorrect Roll No. on the title page of the Booklet and in the space provided on the Answer sheet will neither be Evaluated nor hia result declared. 2. The paper containa 70 questions: 8 there will be no Negative Marking. |. The questions are of objective type. Here is an example. Question : 8 Taj Mahal was built by (A) Sher Shah (B) Aurangzeb (C) Akbar (D) Shah Jahan ‘The correct answer of this question is Shah Jahan. You will therefore darken the circle with ink pen below column (D) as shown below A BCD 8 COO0e . Each question has only one correct answer. If you give more than one answer, it will be considered ‘wrong and it will not be evaluated. Changing, cutting, overwriting and erasing of an answer will be treated as wrong answer. The space for rough work wherever provided may be utilized by the candidate. You are not to use any Portion of the Answer Sheet for rough work . Donot mutilate this booklet in any manner. Serious damage/mutilaion may ental disqualification. - Do not leave your seat until the Answer Sheets been collected at the close of the examination . Candidate will not leave the examination room till ipulated time is over and only after he has handed over the Answer Sheet io the staf! 0” at carry WE | Beene re ey eae gra then wea er ah eee va fern at ate tea a ate arm a far eet 24 es ate wh Tet oe fea a ahs aT we qemeane sac nt ais rar a ror ae xe aaa eh a wed Gor a TS | ara Fre 1. absent are ofr ao yee oe fear a S| “ear ae eaten. ah fre a re fee erat er fee at te at a ah ah seer te eo ateaterm 2, wes gfierer 170 | a ect erence amen Y | jes sire Tow & | seer we tte ae weg oer meer a mir aaTaT eT | (a) Were (B) ster (©) a (D) mere ware ar ae sae ree | ale See Geo “we (D) Sea er Bae ea a art ge wt caret Be aH, ta fap he he TT A BCD 220.0 0.6) eae er a arr ar ee Se af sre we ae ‘Sa SF, at me ere Te Te he Se AAT EH ferent 1 (ers, wre, chart fevers ar fers & sae at THA Seat artery Eat at re eh eh sa had fe eT we | sesh sere afer & feet oh we at ew ard ft ‘Sehr ae ee | . Reeth stag & gfieran at aaa a at | eT ee We efecrar B areer sya azeiea fer far on wea | Se en eh ee a WTS re ra SAT gfe TTT Bare we pagar et ae fee oT | ‘Beare era ha wt ah wi a ae AE TT We fas uber arr eee et ah one ate a TH TT dart dara ei st att Ba | UNM am C-488 /2018/Series-C QUESTION BOOKLET This question paper contains 170 questions, gq yaa 94 H 170 535 € | All questions are compulsory, / Te t : One question carries half mark only. / Ww yea Se Rg Hae ITE HH ti Maximum Marks : 85 TH gs Time : 2 Hours AAT: 27 According to Mahabharata, who founded Katoch monarchy during 1400 BC ? (A) Shambar (B) Susharma Chandra (C) Divo Das him (D) Bhim | TEMA & AGAR, FAT 1400 BCS dha Hele Tara Ht Aa Tat ? (A) BTR (B) wR (C) Ratera (D) 4a _2- Which of the following places was the capital of Jagatsukh during ancient period ? (A) Kulut (B) Trigarts Suket DY" Mandi {Detiae Sa ate ar tema arco op a Tre? a (A (B) ft © wa (D) Fa _3~ HEP. became Union Territory in the year fears wee fire ae sea anfeia weet Sar OT? (A) 1948 (B) 1951 (C) 1952 (Dy1956 AO The driest place in H.P. is ‘A) Kalpa B) Keylong (GY Spiti (D) Pangi Serer seer were : (A) #eaT (B) (C) ferfa (D) wt 5. The state located in the west of H.P. is (A) Tibet (BY Haryana, (C) Punjab (D) Uttar Pradesh Soa saan ofan fea asté . (A) frert (By ef (©) aaa (D) HR wee me largest/men-made lake in H.P. is © . oy enuka— (B)_ Khajjial Chandratal Govind Sagar Soe bare ab se wl © (A) Gat (B) afar (C) WaT (D) TiReare 6 a ance, during Vedic perioa was known as lukteshwari (B) . Giriganga Arjikia D) None of these Se are rer ag Gra ar en " ae fe sk (ay wen & aH (B) Pye UW TERS ( fig sm ie Sholang peak is located in the ® » inskar range angi range ©), Dhaladharrpge (D) None of these (A) Siew ada-aoh (B) wih : (C) tema sot ©) ween > Code No. : C-488/2018/Series-C A 9. — The ‘Panjpulla’ picnic resort i loctted er (A) B) Dal © (C) Nal: (D) Su i Dafa ‘C) Nalagarh (A) wermnen® ate (B) sae (C) arerrrg % ari (D) rams why ae q ~The regional centre of Indian Bureay fo jard is located at a (A) Mehatpur (B) Nalagarh arwanoo (D) Shimla saree ares Bal aT BT Bae sraeaa (A) Feat (B) TEMTES (Cae «= (D) eT 11. Who laid the foundation of Rang Mahal of Chamba ? (A) Umed Singh (B) Jorabar Singh (C) Sahil Varman (D) Lakshaman Varman swear onieet aor Rrerrare PA TST? | (ay sie fie = (B) RRA (C) aRAwHA (D) TeMaT The battle of “Bhangani’ took place between Guru Gobind Singh and the raja of (A) Bilaspur (B) Bushahr — (C) Kangra (D) Jaswan | Sait ree Maas ig ke TTS HN a (A) froma (B) IS = (C) STS (D) AS 13,Tn which year Rampur Bush Bushahr riyasat came under the possession of British ? a feast Spree srr ania anh > Frag gue Rearaa (Ay 1815 (BY 1858 (C) 1905 (D) 1935 1.7 Who 2 among the following did not visit Shimla in 1921 ? (A)’Bal Gangadhar Tilak 7 (B) Lala Lajpat Rai (C) Madan Mohan Malviya (D) Mahatma Gandhi 1921 3 Fea H & fess fever ware wet fara aT? (A) arerimen fers (B) Set arse (C) Rea ater arena (D) erent ait 15. _ In which year Pettethoff was destroyed in a major fire ? fiom at & treet Ua tron safes a farae EST aT? iw 1978 (BY"1981 G 198, (D) 1984 Who became the Chief Minister of ‘Independent Government’ set-up in Theog in 1947 ? (A) Devi Dass (B) Kharak Singh (©) Dy YS: Parmar (DY Surat Prakash 1947 waa aR. wT? (A) tere par ) an fie ©) siaraw.wm (D) Fa rarer ‘Code No. : C-488/2018/Series-C 4