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Rural Marketing Project



1. When you go to buy soap the next time will you buy something of the same

3 of the ten people who had bought the soaps said that they are indifferent to
the color of the soap or the packaging but 7 out of ten said that the color is the
primary way in which they identify their preferred brand. Colors and images on
the packaging is extremely important to them since many of their family
members cant read or write any language so it is imperative they understand the
products via the color and the image on the box. There was a strong liking
towards the Rosewater variant that was pink in color and the lemon variant that
was yellow.

2. For your next purchase of soap, will you buy something with the same

An overwhelming 9 out of 10 people said the fragrance of the soap is a crucial

factor for them. In addition to not causing any irritation on skin, when the soap
gave the scent that was promised on the cover of the pack. They like the sweet
soft fruity smells not the anything too strong.

3. Does Godrej No. 1 lather enough when you use it?

60% of the respondents were satisfied with the lather obtained from the soap.
The remaining 40% claim to have paid no attention to the lather of the same.

4. Do you think Godrej No. 1 is long lasting?

60% of the respondents say that the soap is long lasting. The remaining 40% felt
that common antiseptic soaps like Dettol or Savlon last longer.

5. How long did the bar of soap last?

I had gone back to the residents of Kasar-Amboli after two weeks so in that
much time they said that the bar of soap was not running out too fast and could
possibly last the whole month.

6. Do you get a feeling of freshness after using it?

Some variants of the soap like the yellow and the green ones have left a fresh
feeling with the consumers and they wish to purchase this product repeatedly.
Specially in this weather, when they go to work after having a bath with Godrej
No. 1 aloe-vera or lemon then they felt it easier to deal with the scorching heat.
Only 2 out of 10 said they don’t feel fresh and they were using the rose variant
which they claimed was more creamier and moisturizing than ‘fresh’.

7. What is your primary source of income?

6 out of the ten customers were housewives and their husbands worked in
factories in the nearby areas. The remaining four refused to disclose their source
of income but going by the general perception of the area, they were either
workers at a shop or factory.

8. Now that you tried Godrej No. 1 for some time, will you buy it again?

7 out of 10 people are willing to buy Godrej No. 1 the next time they go to buy
soap. 2 wanted to stick to Santoor and 1 wanted to go back to Dettol.

9. Would you ask your friends/family to use Godrej No. 1?

7 out of 10 who adopted the Godrej No. 1 soaps said that they would
recommend it to their friends/family.


It is seen that the general perception of Godrej No. 1 is positive and the trial to adoption
ratio is 1.42 : 1. While the color and fragrance are very important factors for rural
consumers, the longevity of the soap is what makes the most difference. Certain
variants like the lemon and aloe Vera worked better than the others. I realized that the
need of the rural consumer is a product that is affordable, easily available and the long
lasting .