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Vegetable cupcakes will be a small entrepreneurial bakery located in Puentes Drive, Roxas City.

will be offered with healthy variety flavors, personalize toppings and decorations, sizes, and styles. This
bakery shop will contain comfortable seating area, allowing customers to relax while having their
cupcakes eaten. It will also include an online service to deliver large orders for big events providing greater
convenience for customers.

It is a cardinal rule in business world that product quality should be given extra attention since it
is vital to the viability of the food industry. For this reason, vegetable cupcakes will ensure product quality
using fresh ingredients and clean machineries for production. It will conduct a daily quality control
inspection to guarantee to the customers that the sanitation requirements and quality standards are met.
In addition to the sanitation and quality assurance, it will also focus its venture to providing the customers
a healthy kind of cupcakes since it will make vegetables as its primary ingredients to ensure their healthy

Furthermore, this business will also drive towards innovations. One way to accomplish this is to
create new and unique flavors of cupcakes that can entice customers to try. Similarly, vegetable cupcakes
will provide seasonal cupcakes corresponding to the seasons. These treats will only be available for a
limited time each year to add an element of timeliness and to not make the business dull and boring to
the eyes of the public.

Though vegetable cupcakes will open as a single, small bakery, over time the business will strive
to expand. Once a bakery proves to be a success, the business will open more stores in areas nearby the
original. As the success of the overall business increases, vegetable cupcakes will slowly expand to a wider
range of locations. A company website will allow consumers to view everything offered by the bakery, as
well as grant the options for the customers to place orders. These expansions will allow vegetable
cupcakes to be accessed by a larger quantity of consumers.

Prices at vegetable cupcakes will strive to be competitive with the industry. As a bakery, vegetable
cupcakes target a wide array of market for a very affordable price, so that anyone can have it purchase
despite customers’ varying income keeping the target market large. In order not to compromise the
feasibility of the business, the cost and expenses will be calculated to provide the business with a
minimum price option, preventing any losses. It will endeavor to know the prices of comparable products
of other similar business in the area to keep track the prevailing prices and to remain competitive. If the
industry prices are high enough to cover the calculated cost, vegetable cupcakes will choose prices like its

When vegetable cupcakes first open, it will host a grand opening to gain consumer awareness.
The event will offer free samples of variety products offered by the business to achieve consumer interest
and desire, which in turn will increase consumer’s purchases. Community involvement will also greatly
promote vegetable cupcakes as the company shows its participation and intent to contribute to the
community, hence this business also gears to increase consumer awareness by participating in various
community activities so that the public will be frequently exposed to the business name.

This plan for vegetable cupcakes is intended to help the business grow more successful and
profitable using financial analysis, customer surveys, and market share comparisons. Company will
determine which of these strategies truly are productive to help business thrive by evaluating the
effectiveness of different methods of marketing.