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Goffinet 1

Audrie Goffinet

English 1201 Comp II

Professor Pedrotti

26 May 2019

Processed Food vs. Celiac Patients

What is the difference between the food processed in The United States versus the food

processed overseas by foreign countries and how does it affect celiac patients? This topic is

extremely important to me because, my mother and my boyfriends mother are both on a gluten

free diet. Wheat affects my whole family even if we do not notice it daily, and especially my


Everytime we go out to eat my first thought is “Yay we can go somewhere good and it

will be fun together as a family” then we get talking as a family and my mother has only very

few places she can eat. She can only go to few restaurants because, most do not have a gluten

free menu. It becomes so hard to go out to eat so most of the time we end up staying home,

which is never a bad plan because she is a great cook. My boyfriend’s mother has struggled with

the celiac disease for years and they still struggle with picking where to eat when they go out.

My mother has only struggled with this gluten free problem for only a few years and we struggle

everyday as a family with it.

I really do believe learning more about this topic I will be able to better understand their

issues and what they go through each and every day. This topic is the reason behind why my

own mother struggles with eating “regular” food, and I hate that feeling. There is a huge taste

difference between gluten free food and regular food, I know this because my mother has started
Goffinet 2

making everything gluten free. I believe restaurants should make more gluten free meals to

accommodate to those that are celiac or on a gluten free diet. I am hoping to learn how they

process the food differently overseas to see the difference and how it affects people with the

celiac disease.

I am hoping to learn more about the types of chemicals the farmers put on their crops or

how they grow their crops and how it affects celiac patients. I am interested in learning the

factors deciding the differences between the food grown in the United States versus the food

grown overseas.