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Set A. Identify the function of communication in each of the following situations. Write your answers on the space

1. ____________________ The teacher reads and discusses classroom policies to her students.
2. ____________________Ross greets Rachel; then, they start talking about their plans for the
3. ____________________Phoebe shares her insights on how to live peacefully despite a complicated
4. ____________________Monica shares her personal frustrations with Chandler.
5. ____________________The geometry teacher lectures about mathematical concepts.
6. ____________________Sheila delivers her valedictory speech.
7. ____________________The President delivers his last State of the Nation Address.
8. ____________________A television personality thanks the supportive moviegoers during an
9. ____________________The city mayor presents her strategies to execute the plans in a public
10. ____________________A tourist guide orients a group of tourists about a heritage site.

Set B.

English for Academic and Professional Purposes