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Panorama hotel

A hotel panorama rests at the tanjungpinang, islands of riau. This hotel has four floors and more
than 30 rooms. Usually during the holiday hotel room filled with many visitors to rest. This hotel
presents a very kind and nice service. Her hotel room has no dirt or damage. But the hotel provides a
small parking space that may hold only seven cars. They don't even provide buses for travelers
visiting all over the country.

When entering the interior we can see all around us filled with so many decorations that would
attract us to stay there. And it's not unusual for travelers to visit the hotel to take pictures on one of
the usual accessories. When we enter the room after booking a room we will see the atmosphere of
the beautiful room. Normally we'd see at least one bed if we booked the same room and more than
four if we ordered it

The panoramic hotel has its own restaurant hour. They would usually be served breakfast at 7 am ,
lunch at 1pm and dinner at 7 pm. There are also all kinds of seafood from fish, chicken, Fried
noodles, Fried rice,kwetiau, etc. The waitress here is also beautiful and handsome in her uniform

In this hotel when the power went out unfortunately the sound of the jinxed ears was so strong.
Well, here's also providing very comfortable spa rooms in the quiet because this room is supposed
to be soundproofed. This room was made with padded walls so no outside sound could enter and no
inside sound could come outThat's why this room is so interested in visitors. As for the kitchen, this
hotel has a clean kitchen and also has a cook with very good dishes.

Just tell me about this hotel. Please visit