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1. Why is the radio altimeter placed in the tail of aircraft?

A. Can be placed anywhere

B. When landing tail is closer to the ground
C. When landing nose is closer to the ground
D. Weight balance
2. What is the maximum altitude that can be measured using a radio altimeter?
A. 100ft
B. 500ft
C. 50 ft
D. 5000ft
3. Altimeters that are specifically designed to provide mark signals at specific
altitudes for automatic operations are called as:
A. Radar altimeter
B. Pressure altimeter
C. Altitude marking radar
D. Mark altimeter
4. What is the function leading edge range tracker servo loop?
A. Provide range to the nearest return
B. Speed measurements
C. Vertical speed measurement
D. Automatic ground navigation
5. What is the frequency designated to radar altimeters?
A. 4.2 to 4.4 GHz
B. 2.4 to 4.2 GHz
C. 500 to 1 GHz
D. 13 to 14 GHz
6. Which of the following is true with respect with solid state transmitters in
pulsed radar altimeters?
A. Input power is around 100W
B. Use receiver pre-amplifiers
C. High reliability
D. Small size
7. Which of the following is responsible for the reduced use of transmitter power
in radar altimeter?
A. Low range
B. Interference with other bands
C. Receiver low noise amplifier
D. Radome
8. What type of waveform must be transmitted to reduce Doppler shit errors?
A. Square
B. Triangular
C. Sine
D. Cosine