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K-12 Education Program Advantages and

Posted by Grace under Careers on May 29, 2015

Looking for K 12 Education program advantages and disadvantages? Well, you are on the right
page, keep on reading to know the pros and cons of K-12 education curriculum.
It’s June 1, 2015 on Monday, still, many people are wondering if the K-12 Program of Department of
Education will be implemented. You don’t know me and I don’t know you, the reason why this blog
wrote topic about K-12 Education Program is to informed the readers that this education curriculum
has a advantages and disadvantages.The government allocated huge budget for this program. What
do you think? Is it okay to implement K-12 or just use the budget in building more classrooms,
increase the salary of the teachers? One of the goal of K-12 program is to make the students
equipped with lot of skills that are in-demands in the country and in abroad.

K-12 Education Program

There are many questions arises in implementing K-12, and here are they. Hey, if you have question
just leave a comment.


K-12 Education Program Advantages

 Employment – a student can apply for a work after senior high school since he has already
skills to use in working such as AutoCad, computer hardware servicing, dressmaking,
cooking, etc.
 Entrepreneurship – well, in K-12 program, a student can teach entrepreneurship. He will
obtain an information about entrepreneurial skills. A student after senior high school will
decide to start his own business rather than looking for a job.
 Higher Level of Education – this is true since we added two years for education curriculum.

K-12 Disadvantages
 A student who wants to pursue BS degree, example if a student wants to study engineering.
Instead of 5 years, it will take longer, maybe 6 years or 7 years depending on the subject
he got if credited after senior high school.

Budget for K-12 is Insufficient

How did you know that? Are you the President or the Secretary of Education? Well, if you have
noticed, the government is building new classrooms for the preparation of Senior High School.
Aside from classrooms, the government is conducting seminars and training for every K-12 teachers.

Question: If a college graduate can’t find a job easily, how can a K-12
graduate can get a job easily?

Answer: Since the K-12 student will learn specific skills, he can use this skills to earn a living. And
the best of it is, he can be an “entrepreneur”. K-12 can teach the students entrepreneurship,
wherein, it can help the student to think whether to look for a job after school or provide a job after

Is K-12 the Solution to Poverty?

We can say YES, we can also say NO. You know what? The government helps us to make our
students skillful. However, it is not advisable to rely only to the government assistance. Why not
teach your kids on how to learn entrepreneurship, start his own business rather than looking for a

Additional to entrepreneurship, why not teach your kids financial literacy? What is meant by financial
literacy? By knowing how to save and invest for the future, you and your whole family can prosper in
this life.

If you were given the chance to speak with the President, would you say “STOP K-12” or you will say
“K-12 is a burden”. If I were you try to analyze the advantage and benefits of K-12 program, it maybe
a burden for awhile but it the long run, it will be a blessing for everyone.
“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a
fortune.” – Jim Rohn

If the K-12 will stop, I wish financial literacy and entrepreneurship will teach in school. And for me,
financial literacy and entrepreneurship is the solution for poverty and unemployment. There are so
much things you should know about K-12. Don’t be a negative thinker, let’s give it a try. Let’s help
the government instead of complaining all over.

Whatever the education curriculum implemented, it is your choice whether you will adapt the old
mindset whereas an individual will look for a job after graduation. We better change that mindset,
why don’t we think after graduation, we should start our own business and provide jobs rather than
looking for a job. If every one of us are looking for a job, what will happen?

But, if however at least 1 out of 50 students, there will be an entrepreneur? That means that
individual will provide a job for 49 people.
In K-12, it is very possible.

K-12 is a silver spoon!

Let it be. Let the government take risks for the education of our children. You will never know the
beauty of K-12 unless you are involved. What do I mean by involved? What do you always do for
your beloved country? Always complaining? Have you ever asked yourself, what is your contribution
for the country’s progress? Hmm? The government gave us spoon, actually it is a silver spoon, a
very special spoon. But, don’t ever ask the government to feed your mouth again and again. The
government are teaching us to fish, don’t ever ask the government again, what is your fish for

What can you say about K-12? Please share your opinion in the comment box. Your comments are
auto approve, that’s why it is necessary to only create a comment related to the topic – K-12
Education Program.Your opinions are highly appreciated!

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