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Nepal Earthquake Early Warning System VP


Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 3:15 PM

Garry de la Pomerai - 'SOLUZION'
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The Vice Presidents Office

Dear Sir,

Greetings and Namaste,

Please convey my very best wishes to the Vice President.

Please convey this important message to the Vice President.

Since our meetings last year progress has been slow.

Through lobbying by Yagya Neupane, with his close contact a Senior Member of
Parliament, accessing the Minister of Communications, the President within days, during
his Budget speech in May this year, made a Commitment, compelling both Houses of
Parliament to commit to the continued implementation of the EWS.

Rabindra, Faculty Head within NAST has also been working hard and lobbying the Prime

Immediately after the President's announcement, I was asked to create a Road Map and
anticipated budget to bring the first 76 sensors into Operation. This I did and supplied
to NAST. [attached] The budget is only a skeleton budget [non profit] for the initial

This six months included time to establish the very important Stakeholder Platform,
including all beneficiaries and potential donors, which would form the basis for a Financial
Contributory Network to support the EW system's 'ongoing operations' and its future
extension across the remainder of the Nation.

As part of the Stakeholder Platform we were to include the creation of a Training of

Society Management Team, which will oversee and strategise and interlink with Civil
society capacity to help train and educate and advise the 25million population, prioritising
as deemed necessary, using Training Trainers for Provinces, In Industry, through
the Media, with commercial income from preparing Industry, Commerce and Specialists
and Trainers being contributed towards the stakeholders platform contribution.

Simultaneously, a commercial wing would be set up to manage, strategise and supply

Wholesale Retail bespoke and off-shelf receivers and auto systems into Industry,
Emergency response, Security services, Critical Infrastructure, Schools Hospitals and
Government departments, Banks and Commerce plus Hotels and Tourism locations and
Antiquities and Airports, Highways, Bridges and Basecamps and Trails.

Unfortunately NAST can not yet convince Government to commit to the budget of the
skeleton requirements.
NAST also has difficulty finding budget to appoint two permanent technicians to operate

the EWS.

The budget includes me to be stationed in Nepal as Energiser and part of the Chinese ICL
Team, acting as Project Manager and coordinator Assisting NAST, and as strategist,
for th 6months building up to the initial phase 1 operational launch of the first 76 sensor
network EWS,

During this six months I would also develop the vital Stakeholder Platform, establish the
essential Training Dept and Industrial Collaborations for auto system integration. All of
which would ensure the EWS Sustainability and eventual Ownership within Government,
embracing R&D institutions and Nepal academia. Both Tribhuvan and Pukhara Universities
and the Institute of Crisis Management wish to work with me, work with Us!.

So I am now stretching out for help in Lobbying and general influential support to unblock
the present snagging.

Not only will the system be beneficial to all the population but is essential to demonstrate
Governments ability to deliver what was announced publicly.

The primary aim is to save lives and minimise costs to society and industry.

I need to be in country to energise the progress.

But as you know, I have already contributed several visits and months of time without
recompense. ICL contributed $1.5m of hardware and software and time to establish the
first phase of 76 sensors. after which Government changed, causing two years delays.

Free systems gain no respect. Items with value are appreciated. WE,ICL agreed to
donate in an act of good faith after the 2015 earthquakes. Now is the time for Nepal to
take advantage of this enormous gesture. Nepal needs the EWS desperately

We need help please, before its too late. Amod Dixit from NSET is in Chengdu this
week and will visit ICL tomorrow Friday to gain more understanding.

I attach the skeleton budgets necessary along with the larger EW development
programme and suggested road map.

I am aware from our meetings, that you have significant interest in the project , for the
benefit of the People.

Without any reliance nor commitment I am hoping that you might contribute influence.

We remain open to suggestions. In fact I would like to know what 'they' would like?, apart
from 'others to pay for it'!
what is the problem? The Gov have finance! Our team is not greedy.

However we need also be aware that time is running out before the next destructive
earthquake somewhere within Nepal.

My bags are packed ready to come and set up base in Kathmandu.

My very best wishes to the Vice President.

Yours sincerely


Garry de la Pomerai
Together Creating the Dynamic Soluzion
DRR - EWS - Water - Strategic Technologies Coordination
Risk Management - Resilience - Sustainability - Solution
M: +44 7845529211
Environmental Systems - Water Resource Management
Skype: delapom444

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