You are on page 1of 1 eeeee Booking Confirmation Please present either an electronic or paper coBfPot your Booking confirmation upon checkin Booking 1D 282969496 Number of Rooms 1 ‘Booking Reference No 197-3950198 Number of Extra Beds a) lent LAURICE DAM IRerterer eater 2 Member 1D 510492 CEPI i Country of Residence Philippines Room Type Double Standard Property Art Hotel Paris Est Promotion aaress : 25 rue Scandicci, Pantin, Paris, Prenee, 93500 Fr Full Promotion details and conditions see confirmation ema Cancellation Policy: Any cancellation recelved within 3 day peor tothe arrival date wil ncur a charge of 14% of the booking vale, If you fall to arrive or cancel the booking, no refund will be given. Benefits Included: - Arrival : October 18, 2018 Departure : October 22, 2018 Payment Details: Payment Method: MasterCard Card No: s0poc100xs000-9781 EXP: 8/2019 Booked And Payable By : ‘This booking is payable by an Agoda partner agency. Hotel confirmation number: 197-3950198 Remarks : All special requests are subject to availability upon arrival Call our Customer Service Center 24/ Customer Support: +33 185 148 161, +63 2 246 9092, “1.865 656 8207 (ong distance charge may apply) Notes ‘ IMPORTANT: At check-in, you must present the creditcard used to make this booking and a valid phato ID withthe same name. Flue to do so may result in the property requesting actltional payment or your reservation not being honored. Ifyou have submitted addtional documentation for 2 third party booking or paid via a different payment method, plese cisregard the note above. ‘All rooms are guaranteed on the day f arrival. In the case of @ no-show, your room(s) will be released and you wil be subject tothe terms anc Conaitions ofthe Cancelation/No-Show Policy specified atthe time you made the booking as well as noted inthe Confirmation Emal. 1 The total price for this booking does not include mini-bar items, telephone usage, laundry service, etc. The property wil bill you directly. + In cases where Breakfast is included with the room rate, please note that certain properties may charge extra for children traveling with thelr parents. I applicable, the property wl bill you directly. Upon arrival, if you have any questions, please verify withthe property.