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Halal Certificate Certfeate No. K126-GS0-AHHI-HGi000011 ‘We certify and confirm that the products listed below are HALAL.n compliance with HFA Halal Standards, and the manufacturing facility has been assessed according tothe requirements of UAE. 5.2085 2:2016, relevant EU food hygiene, food eafety and HACCP reguiatione ‘COMPANY NAME: Pritchitts (A Lakeland Dairies Company) COMPANY ADDRESS: _Killeshandra, Co. Cavan, Ireland MANUFACTURING SITE(S) 46 Belfast Road, Newtownards, Co, Down BT23 4TU, UK [ADDRESS (IF DIFFERENT) PRODUCT CATEGORY. Dairy Based Products| Date of Aust 0 July 2017 eau Dus Date: From 28 February 2020 o 30 June 2020, (Certfiate Issue Date: 31 July 2017 Crticata Expiry Date: 20 Wy 2020, sm Roselle Gold iliac Got Cooking | Rosete Supreme Fosale Supreme 8@ 12K0T Catiand cpr Laila Sei knmed iris | Spinola Vieng Cre Lefton UHT Dor When Cream | i) ALL tle ‘Sagib Mohammed ee ‘Mufti Adbukadl Barkatula Chief Executve ae Head of lamie Senta’ Boars "ae For Careany Reps arbr 7303, VAT rer SH30038 ‘aes Te Phe 7T Hah Row Landen M2087 Tolan 44 (0)208 6717 Ena oBaeodaiot=m ‘soviet com ‘age lof 2 Halal Certificate Certificate No.: K126-GSO-AHMI-HG/000011, Date of uct 04Juy 2017 FRe-audt Dus Date’ om 28 February 2020 To 30 June 202¢ ‘Cereate sue Det: 24 Juy 2017 (Cerfiate Expr Ost: 30 sy 2020, Rosale Day Whipping Cream Roselle Supreme Aerosol Viva UHT Semi-skimmed rik Mii Value Milk Powder ‘Kerygold UHT Semi-siimmed mik | Mlac Classic Mik Powder E. (TRerjoo uF Wick Biro ik Power = ‘Va UHT Whole Whik (| Half at lilac Mik Powder i ‘Springcool Concentrated Shake mix ‘Comelle GM Ice Cream Powder - Vanila Spengroa Day fae Camel Cc ean Powier- Seber) ‘Millac SuperWhip 5 | (Comalle CM Ice Cream Powder = Chocoiste | wimscaid | te Prichit SupenWhip Har Fat Minas Maid High Stabity Daly Whipping Cream | Cafe Maia nary 38% Dairy Whipping Crear Foc ‘Stabity Daly Whipping Crear Sure Whip fas eE Mufti Adbulkadi Barkatula Head of Ilamie Scholar’ Boar ‘Sagi Mohammed ‘Chit Executive “sea Tih Fc ora 707 Wg Rost erin 2 "Wepre 4s) 208 127 Ese o@hlootaoiyam osha Page 2a 2