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The edge of the board on which T-square is made to slide is called

a. working edge b. drawing line c. border line d. deader line
2. Circles of small radii are drawn by means of a
a. straight bar b. bow compass c. lengthening bar d. drop compass
3. Circle and arcs of circles are drawn by means of a.............
a. lengthening bar b. divider c. compass d. T-square
4. Set squares are used for drawing............., .......... and ............ lines.
a. vertical b. inclined c. parallel d. all of the above
5. The following is not included in title block of drawing sheet
a. sheet no b. scale c. method of Projection d. size of sheet
6. In engineering field free hand drawing is mostly used for
a. shape b. size
c. to express easily to client d. to express dimension
7. Following items of earth work is not measured separately
a. setting out of work b. site clearance c. dead man d. all of the above
8. In long and short wall method of estimation, the length of long wall is the center to center space between walls plus
a. breadth of wall b. Half of the breadth of wall on each side
c. one fourth of the breadth of wall on each side d. none of the above
9. The material rates are different for different district decided by construction material rate fixation committee under the
chairmanship of
a. Chief District Officer b. LDO c. Chief Treasury Officer d. DTO Chief
10. According to ISI method of measurement the order is in the sequence
a. length, breadth & height b. breadth, length & height
c. height, length & breadth d. all of the above
11. The volume of sand in a normal truck can carry per trip is approximately
a. 20–25 m3 b. 15–20 m3 c. 10–15 m3 d. 3–5 m3
12. Which one area must be greater at any floor of a building?
a. carpet area b. plinth area c. floor area d. none of the above
13. Tender does not contain
a. notice b. item of work c. estimated cost d. item rate
14. The survey which is carried out for determining absolute locations and the direction of any line on the surface of the earth by
making observation to heavenly bodies is called
a. hydrographic survey b. astronomical survey c. land survey d. none of the above
15. The permissible limits of error in chaining for measurement on rough or hilly ground is
a. 1:2000 b. 1:1000 c. 1:500 d. 1:250
16. For accurate work, in comparison to chain, the steel band is used because it
a. is light in weight b. is easy to handle
c. is practically inextensible d. all of the above
17. The angle of intersection of horizon mirror and index mirror of an optical square is
a. 30° b. 45° c. 105° d. 120°
18. Find the representative fraction for a scale 10 cm = 2 km.
1 1 1
a. b. c. d. None of the above
200 20000 200000
19. With the help of leveling we measures
a. horizontal angle b. vertical angle c. deflection angle d. none of the above
20. Bench marks are fixed by
a. trigonometric levelling b. barometric levelling c. spirit leveling d. profile levelling
21. The safe bearing capacity of a soil can be defined as
a. ultimate load on the bearing area
b. safe load on the bearing area
c. load intensity beyond which the soil should not be loaded
d. load intensity at which the soil fails
22. To support a heavy structure in sandy soil, the type of foundation generally used, is
a. combined footing b. raft footing c. pier footing d. strap footing
23. Raft foundations are generally used, when the area required for individual footing is more than
a. 25% of total area b. 30% of total area c. 40% of total area d. 50% of total area
24. Flexible material used for damp proofing is
a. bitumen sheeting b. mastic asphalt c. cement concrete d. slate
25. The DPC is provided in building in the form of
a. horizontal b. vertical c. both of the above d. none of the above
26. The work of finishing the mortar joints along with the wall construction is known as
a. toothing b. pointing c. racking back d. jointing
27. The process of making the back ground before plastering, is known as
a. hacking b. dubbing out c. blistering d. filling
28. The alignment of a cross joint along the plumb line is
a. bed rock b. perpend c. lintel d. none of the above
29. Types of rock used for light weight aggregate is
a. conglomerate b. slate c. shale d. pumice
30. Lime stone is a
a. igneous rock b. sedimentary rock c. metamorphic rock d. granite rock
31. The argillaceous rocks have their principal constituents as
a. lime b. clay c. sand d. none of the above
32. Trap is a
a. metamorphic rock b. igneous rock c. granite rock d. sedimentary rock
33. Granite contains primarily
a. quartz b. quartz and felspare c. mica c. quartz and mica
34. Hardness coefficient is maximum for
a. conglomerate b. granite c. slate d. lime stone
35. The process of taking out stones of various sizes from natural rocks is known
a. dressing b. seasoning c. quarrying d. none of the above
36. The group of tools used for quarrying of stone is
a. jumper and crow bar b. crow bar and trowel c. trowel and wedge d. wedge and scutch
37. The colour of statutory marble used for sculptor's work is
a. red b. blue c. white d. green
38. The ordinary cement used in general construction is
a. rapid hardening cement b. Portland cement c. high alumina cement d. pozzolanic cement
39. The nominal size of modular brick is
a. less than actual brick b. equal to actual brick
c. greater than actual brick d. none of the above
40. In bricks masonry, the frog of the brick generally kept on
a. top face b. bottom face c. exposed face d. interior face
41. For insignificant effect on the water table, the tube wells are be spaced as one in every
a. 0.5 sq. km b. 1.0 sq. km c. 1.5 sq. km d. 2.0 sq. km
42. The types of diseases caused due to lack of water is known as
a. water borne b. water washed c. water based b. water vector
43. Most dangerous metal for human health is
a. zinc b. copper c. lead d. iron
44. The maximum pressure which the pipe can withstand without any leakage during hydrostatic pressure test, is called
a. working pressure b. test pressure c. design pressure d. none of the above
45. Pipes for water supply are tested for
a. pressure b. leakage c. dimensions d. all of the above
46. The water supply pipe line should be tested at a specified pressure for
a. one hour b. two hour c. three hour d. four hour
47. The single phase system uses voltage upto
a. 110 V b. 230 V c. 415 V d. 650 V
48. The three phase system uses voltage upto
a. 110 V b. 230 V c. 415 V d. 650 V
1.a 2.b 3.c 4.d 5.d 6.c 7.d 8.b 9.a 10.a
11.d 12.b 13.d 14.b 15.d 16.c 17.b 18.b 19.d 20.c
21.c 22.c 23.d 24.a 25.c 26.b 27.a 28.b 29.d 30.b
31.b 32.b 33.b 34.b 35.c 36.a 37.c 38.b 39.c 40.a
41.c 42.b 43.c 44.b 45.d 46.b 47.b 48.c 49. 50.