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CS (MAIN) EXAM:2018 EGT-P-MTH aftr (s184-7a-1) aifttear 33% + 250 Wawa vers faite aqaa (gra sei an 8 aod fete whe ogee Forage +B) wea ane wes 8 Sarat Bo fanfas & oem feet oft otra Set a wa a) vdeo @ ga vie wel} on FF ae den 1 ot 5 aikard % en ap wel A a wes Gee OEE a ey ee Peel ofA eH oe “afm wate waar Se a ar fee ae 1 sail a sae seh rem 7 fed on enieo, Pen aha ame wenew Hen en 8, st wa mem wm ee aa Tues (w]o Wo Yo) afer A yee we sien Bike cure we Ben wn aria! aABera sem & sata oe fre areas 4 ford me ae ve aE at eT Pret aR snaeré 2, a sage atest ar aaa Ahem wen sew aie tf | a we apf 3, wea war each wafers ae sel A aa EL eal & sed Fh orn sagen, A ore | aie wre ag gh, a wee see A wor AA oe ae aE sae sera: feet Ta we-we-see gem Bene hse ET TE aT SH ain A ee eG A eT oT TIT MATHEMATICS (PAPER-I) ¢ Allowed : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 250 QUESTION PAPER SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS: (Please read each of the following instructions carefully before attempting questions) There are EIGHT questions divided in two Sections and printed beth in HINDI and in ENGLISH. Candidate has to attempt FIVE questions in all. Question Nos. 1 and & are compulsory and out of the remaining, THREE are to be attempted choosing at least ONE question from each Section. ‘The number of marks carried by a question/part is indicated against it. Answers must be written in the medium authorized in the Admission Certificate which must be stated clearly on the cover of this Question-cum-Answer (QCA) Booklet in the space provided. No marks will be given for answers written in a medium other than the authorized one. Assume suitable data, if considered necessary, and indicate the same clearly. Unless and otherwise indicated, symbols and notations carry their usual standard meanings. Attempts of questions shall be counted in sequential order. Unless struck off, attempt of a question shall be counted even if attempted partly. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the Question-cum-Answer Booklet must be clearly struck off. EGT-P-0Th/T 4 [P.7.0. WE—A / SECTION—A 1. (a) 3 otf fe A we 3x2 ae 8 ah 8 UH 2x3 Hr RI ented fF C-A-B we aap Hey 81 Let A be a 3x2 matrix and B a 2x3 matrix, Show that C= A-B is a singular matrix. fo) eR ART e, = (1, 0) Ht ey = (01) Wa, = 2, -1) Gay =f, 3) Henn aan Sea Se a Express basis vectors e,=(1,0) and e,=(Ql) as linear combinations of a; =@,—I) and cy = fl, 3) fo ‘Pts SS FR Lim (L— 2) tan wr afte Bon fs aly sem ae fe Rear &, at FE ar ie tf | Determine if lim (1- 2)tan = exists or not. If the limit exists, then find its value. (a) ater tim L Sn aaa ge FPA aoe n? oo Find the limit lim note ne fel Waa x+y +2z=6 TC He are AAA) ark xe1_y-l Find the projection of the straight line on the plane x+y +22=6. 2. (a) ASH Bere nxn wep t, domi fe ee oe oe oe AE Show that if A and B are similar nxn matrices, then they have the same eigenvalues, ) fe 0, 0) a gee y? = 4x 9 A ape a ara FPA Find the shortest distance from the point (1, 0) to the parabola y? = 4x. EGT-P-mTH/7 2 10 10 10 10 10 12 13 ay Ce) Ae ES A at eo ae we eB are AR) ms x? ria ‘ " ‘The ellipse ag rca 1 revolves about the x-axis. Find the volume of the solid of a Tevelution. 13, (a) east mxeby+eqzed, <0 agxt byy+cz+dy =0 ote asim Bh ate A ape gh ara APR Find the shortest distance between the lines qxthyrez+d, =o aigx+ by + cgZ+ dy =O and the zaxis. 12 3. fay em ache Pre x+3y-2z=-1 Sy+3z0-8 x-2y-Sz=T % fea Paetten aifare fe Preifeatiza werd 44 ata-8 an B she wta-8 era: fy atta Brae ar aif wet ae BL (i) coro Breer ar fink ee ee BL fii) eiteen Peper oats ara a are ga Fh For the system of linear equat determine which of the following statements are true and which are false : () ‘The system has no solution. (i) The system has a unique solution. fii] The system has infinitely many solutions. 13 EGT-PANTE/7 3 [P.T.0.