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Professional Regulation Commission

Board for Professional Civil Engineers

CPD Council

I. Course/Program Title: “Building Instrumentation: Code Based, Performance Based, and Resilience Based”
II. Course/Program Description: A seminar intended for Civil Engineers involved in preparing Local Public Transportation Route Plan. It is
designed for transportation professionals at local agencies, academia, and business and industry. This covers an overview to have a
common understanding about its purpose, importance, and innovations in transportation.

III. Proposed PQF Level: 6

IV. Particular Continuing Professional Competency / ies: Knowledge and Theories Application, Problem Solving, Decision Making,
Organization and Planning, Technology Management, Plan Strategies
V. Content Details:

Sub-Topics and Time Expected Learning Activities to Assessment Strategies Requirements/Output

Allotment for each topic (in Outcomes Achieve and Tools
hours) Learning
1. Traffic Impact Assessment Know the difference of Lecture Explaining knowledge, Discussion, Q&A / Knowledge
– (3hrs) transportation before and providing theories, Application
Engr. Geoffrey Cueto now. applications

2. Transportation Innovation Recognition of the Lecture Explaining knowledge, Discussion, Q&A / Knowledge
- (1.5hrs) importance and factors providing theories, Application
Engr. Alben B. Bagabaldo affecting accurate detailed applications

3. Role of Big Data in Sharing of Transportation Lecture Explaining knowledge, Discussion, Q&A /
Transportation Planning – Prepare Work Cost providing theories, Knowledge Application
(1.5hrs) Details, Project Schedule, applications
Engr. Keith Anshilo Diaz Material Cost Schedule,
Labor Cost Schedule, and
Manpower Deployment
VI. Financial Projection:
a. Expected Number of Participants:300
b. Proposed Charge per Participant: ________
c. Relevant Details in Support of the Financial Viability of the Program: ____________________________

Printed Name and Signature of Official Proponent

Xpertz Center for Professional Career Development Incorporated