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The students The learner will The learner… By the end of this The learner…
UNIT IV: HOPING FOR demonstrate present a unit, student will
FULFILLMENT understanding of scrapbook be able to
these truths: promoting wonders independently
in nature and how use their learning
 Chapter 10: The God’s word can becomes aware to present a - show the
Prophets: Calling -The prophets transform that only through portfolio/ importance of
Us to Renewal also gave the so- everything. Christ can a person scrapbook influencing religious
called Messianic be purified. containing their rituals with acts of
prophecies work of arts that charity and justice.
pointing to Jesus shows how they
as the promised becomes holy as become and how
 Chapter 11: Isaiah Savior. part of our calling to their lives
and God’s be holy. transform after - draw out the
Messianic -The prophets internalizing their relevance of Isaiah’s
Promises revealed their part in the Basic life mission to our
experience of God Ecclesial calling towards
as a just God, a becomes aware of Community. holiness.
loving Father, a the ways on how to
quiet God, a overcome those Fourth Quarter:
 Chapter 12: divine potter, a wrongdoings that
Israel’s Story good shepherd, they do. “ Fostering the - become aware that
Imaging Our Faith the Holy One, the giftedness of God does not desire
Journey Savior of all. Filipino youth us to suffer, but He
becomes through Psycho- allows us to suffer
understanding to Social so that we may
-Faith is our the shortcomings empowerment realize our past
response to God’s and weaknesses of with Faith, Hope, mistakes and
revelation. It is others. and Love” ultimately return to
 The Wisdom both a gift from His ways.
Books: God
Shows Me the Key God and a human - turn to God for
to Attain Wisdom act. enlightenment and
becomes wise by discernment to face
 The Book of Job: avoiding sin and the consequences
God Shows Me the evil. of one’s acts.
Wisdom of Life’s
becomes aware
that the problems - realize that no one
 Introduction to the they encounter in can be wise who is
New Testament: life can be solved not also good- a
The Fulfillment of by a broader and man who does not
God’s Promise for deeper awareness avoid sin and evil is
our Salvation of God’s power, not wise.
presence and
Supplementary Lesson: - become aware that
Lenten Practices becomes united the problems we
 Stations of the with the community encounter in life can
Cross through Christ. be solved by a
 Catechesis’ of the broader and deeper
Paschal Triduum awareness of God’s
References: power, presence,
and wisdom as
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