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Kingfisher School of Business and Finance

B. Marketing Mix The unsweetened guyabano juice variant will be purely

extracted with no sweeteners which could be more appealing to the

oldies. The process complies with the good manufacturing practices
Vita Quench will be offering bottled pure guyabano juice with two
on processing juice products.
variances; unsweetened and sweetened with sugar to let people indulge the

freshness of guyabano juice with sweet blend taste. This pure guyabano

juice has the unique taste of pleasant blend of sweet and sub-acid flavor

with a musky pineapple aroma. The product is qualified to compete in the

market since the business will be one of the manufacturers of pure

guyabano juice, uniquely served with variances and purely extracted

guyabano fruit juices. The guyabano juice will be produced by extracting

As for the packaging of the product, the company will be using plastic
juice out of guyabano fruit.
bottle for the container of the juice. The product will be offered in 250ml,

Sweetened Guyabano Juice 500ml and 1000ml.

As for the sweetened guyabano juice, the company will be Place

using sugar as its sweeteners for it will make the drink more palatable
The target markets of the business are the municipalities of Lingayen,
and enhances fruit flavours. The sweetened variant is especially
Binmaley, Dagupan City, Calasiao, Urdaneta City and San Carlos City. The
designed for the ones considered youngsters or the so-called
business will distribute the product to the school canteens, hospital
cafeterias, mini groceries and other interested retailers in the said

municipalities. The company takes the opportunity to distribute the product

to the school canteens since Department of Education released a

Unsweetened Guyabano Juice
memorandum order to restrict selling carbonated drinks and junk foods due

Agpoon, C.P., Cancino, A., Castillo, M.,Cerezo, S.,Estrada, R.J., Lincod J.J., Mercado, J.M., Serran, A. 1
Kingfisher School of Business and Finance
to public health concerns. On the other hand, hospital cafeterias are chosen Price

to be part of the distribution channels, since people out there are more The company uses cost plus mark-up method in pricing the product.

concern about their health and it will be recommended by the physicians for In pricing the sweetened guyabano juice, the proponents add up a little value

its nutritional value. Lastly, mini groceries are considered to be one of the to consider the increasing price of sugar. The table below shows the

distribution channels to give to people convenience in buying the product different prices for the different sizes that are to be offered:

and acquire it in almost the same price from supermarkets. 250 mL 500 mL 1L

Sweetened 42 65 110
Based on the survey conducted by the proponents last November 30,

2018 to December 1, 2018 consumers frequency of buying the product Unsweetened 40 60 100
results in two to three times a week, so the proponents decided to deliver the

product to the distribution channels as frequent as to the consumers.

As to processed foods, Department of Trade and Industry does not
provide any suggested retail prices. It only provides SRPs for commodities
MARKE and primary products.

Mini Groceries


Agpoon, C.P., Cancino, A., Castillo, M.,Cerezo, S.,Estrada, R.J., Lincod J.J., Mercado, J.M., Serran, A. 2
Kingfisher School of Business and Finance
Promotion company will allocate an amount of Php 20,000.00 for the rent

 Tarpaulins and Posters expense and for the costs necessary for the operation of the trade

The business will be using tarpaulins and posters to promote and expos. Through this, product will gain its popularity and will raise

the product that will be distributed and posted to the areas where can awareness to the consumers about the nutritional value of guyabano

be easily seen by the consumers. This is done to increase product fruit. Three staffs will be operating and representing the company in

and brand awareness of the buyers and to attract more potential the said expo and trade fairs: Jhanna Jhessel Lincod, Sandra Cerezo

buyers. The company will allocate an amount of Php 1,500.00 for this and Mygiel Castillo. The company will also conduct free tasting and

promotional cost with a length of 6 feet and a width of 5 feet. free orientation about the product.

 Flyers

Another way of promoting the product is through flyers which

are less costly compared to other promotional activity. An eye

catching and impressive advertising will create a high impact on

sales. The flyers will be distributed in malls, expos and trade fairs and

other public places. The flyers will contain the information about the

product, where to buy the product and how much will it cost. This is

cost the company a total amount of Php 1,500.00.

 Joining Expo and Trade Fairs

Since people nowadays are impulsive to look for more

products that are not usually offered in the market, the company

decided to join expos and trade fairs. This is to introduce the product

to its target market as well as to attract potential buyers. The

Agpoon, C.P., Cancino, A., Castillo, M.,Cerezo, S.,Estrada, R.J., Lincod J.J., Mercado, J.M., Serran, A. 3