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Subject: CLE Quarter: First

Level: Grade 7 Date: July 8-12, 2019

Topic: Introductory Lesson Number of Meetings: 1

Day 1 Topic: Introduction: Formative:

Basic Prayers  what are some of the basic prayers you know?
Within the period, the students are  Recite the basic prayers as a class according to their answers Recite the basic
expected to: Interaction: prayers
Materials:  Introduce the prayers Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be, Apostles Creed, 1. Our father
Prayer before meal, Prayer after meal, Rosary, Prayer to St. Benedict. 2. Hail Mary
 identify the basic PowerPoint presentation Integration: 3. Glory Be
prayers;  Why is it important to know these prayers? 4. Apostles
 What should be the proper attitude during prayers? Creed
 appreciate the References: Values: 5. Prayer
importance of praying  Sincerity, Humility before meal
heartily by singing;  Schönborn, Christoph Synthesis: 6. Prayer after
and Cardinal. YOUCAT The basic prayers are perfectly composed in a way that we can truly communicate with meal
(2011). San God and ask Him humbly in whatever request we may have. It is but proper for us to recite 7. Rosary
 recite the basic Francisco, California, the basic prayers sincerely and with the proper disposition so that we can genuinely express
prayers. ourselves and not merely memorizing them.
PRESS Agreement:
 Study about the BEC.
 Grogan, Patricia, FC
(2009). Christian
Community Bible.
Quezon City: Claretian