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Names of Big Numbers

Most of us know some of the names of "big" numbers ... although it is

questionable whether any of us truly appreciate the real/genuine
size of big numbers. We sometimes talk in terms of thousands,
sometimes refer to millions and, on rare occasion, even reference
trillions (since the government sometimes uses the term trillions to
reference costs, debt or programs). Numbers actually have names
well beyond trillions.

The following is a listing of big number names. The system used in this listing is the
one commonly used in the United States and by the scientific community.
Other countries use these terms slightly differently ... in other words,
naming large numbers is related to where you are and the context in which
you are naming the big numbers.

Number of zeros U.S. & scientific community

2 Hundred

3 Thousand

6 Million

9 Billion

12 Trillion

15 Quadrillion

18 Quintillion

21 Sextillion
24 Septillion

27 Octillion

30 Nonillion

33 Decillion

36 Undecillion

39 Duodecillion

42 Tredecillion

45 Quattuordecillion

48 Quindecillion

51 Sexdecillion

54 Septendecillion

57 Octodecillion

60 Novemdecillion

There are ... as one might expect ... many other big number names as well. A
"zillion," for example, has come to mean an extremely large unknown
number. Some people use "zillion" as a reference to an infinitely big
number ... a number so big that we really can't imagine it. A "googol" is 10
raised to the 100 power ... a "googolplex" is 10 raised to the "googol"