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List of Books for BS English (Linguistics)

1. The study of language (6th Edition) by George Yule, Cambridge University Press
2. English Phonetics and Phonology (4th Edition) by Peter Roach, Cambridge
University Press
3. Odlin, T. (Ed.), (1994). Perspectives on Pedagogical Grammar. 
Cambridge University Press. 

4. Huddleston, R. & Pullum, G. (2005). A Students’ Introduction to English

Grammar. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 

5. Aitchison, J. (2000). Linguistics. Teach Yourself Books. 

6. Morphology (2nd Edition) by Francis Katamba and John Stonham, Palgrave
7. Syntax (3rd Edition) by Andrew Carnie, Wiley-Blackwell
8. Semantics (4th Edition) by John I Saeed, Wiley-Blackwell
9. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics (7th Edition) by Ronald Wardaugh, Wiley-
10. Sociolinguistics: An Introduction to Language and Society (4th Edition) by Peter
11. Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics by Eva M. Fernandez, and Helen Smith Cairns
12. The Articulate Mammal: An introduction to Psycholinguistics by Jean Aitchison
13. Discourse Analysis (3rd Edition) by Barbara Johnston, Wiley-Blackwell
14. Introduction to Pragmatics by Betty Birner, Wiley-Blackwell
15. The Study of Second Language Acquisition (2nd Edition / later) by Rod Ellis, Oxford
16. Doing Second Language Research (2009 or later) by James Dean Brown, and
Theodore S. Rodgers, Oxford University Press
17. Global Englishes: A Resource Book for Students (3rd Edition) by Jennifer Jenskins,
18. An introduction to Discourse Analysis: Theory and Method by Gee, J. P. Routledge
19. Stylistics: A Resource Book for Students by Paul Simpson, Routledge
20. Genre Analysis by John Swales, Cambridge
21. Pragmatics by Burton Roberts, Palgave Macmillan
22. Pragmatics: An Advanced Resource Book for Students (2012) By Dawn
Archer, Karin Aijmer, Anne Wichmann, Rutledge
23. A companion to Linguistic Anthropology by Duranti, Balckwell Publishing
24. The Anthropology of Language: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology by
Ottenheimer, J. H., Wadsworth
25. Gender and Language: Theory and Practice by Liosseliti, London: Hodder Arnold
26. Women, Men and Language by Coates, J. Longman: London
27. Linguistic Imperialism by Philipson, R., Oxford University Press
28. Development in English for Specific Purposes by Dudley Evans and ST. John,
Cambridge University Press
29. Research Methods in Applied Linguistics by Dornyie, Z. Oxford University Press
30. Analyzing Genre by Bhatia, Longman
31. Language and Identity: national, ethnic, religious by Joseph, John, E., Palgrave
32. Stylistics: A resource book for students by Paul Simpson, Routledge
33. Textual Interaction by Hoey, M. Routledge
34. Developing Materials for Language Teaching by Brian Tomlinson
35. Innovation in English Language Teaching by Hall and Hewings, Routledge
36. Pakistani English by Tariq Rahman
37. Critical Discourse Analysis by Fairclough, Longman
38. The Media by Edginton, The British Council
39. In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation by Mona Baker, Routledge
40. Translation and Language: Linguistic Theories Explained by Fawcett, P., St. Jerome
41. Practice of English Language Teaching by Jeremy Harmers, Longman
42. Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching by Richards and Rodgers,
Cambridge University Press
43. Lexicography: An Introduction by Jackson, H. Routledge
44. Word Meaning by Hudson, R., Routledge
45. Designing Language Courses by Kathleen Graves
46. Second Language Research by Alison Mackey and Susan M. Gass (2016) Routledge
47. How languages are learned 4th Edition by Patsy M. Lightbown and Nina Spada,
Oxford University Press