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Beginning of our journey

Beginning of Our Journey

Darul Uloom aspires to be a world class educational institution offering its

students the opportunity to sit for both deeniyat & Tahfidz and also the well-
known International General Certificate for Cambridge Primary Progression
Test (CPPT) dan Cambridge Primary Check Point (Check Point), integrated
Indonesian Nasional Curriculum. The school welcomes students seeking an
Islamic education that emphasized Islamic values and academic knowledge.

Darul Uloom Bin Kareem was established TK darul Uloom and SD

Almukhlisun in 20012 as a national plus school. Teaching Deeniyat with
Cambridge International Examination. With only 22 administration and
teaching staff,. The student population increased to 150 pupils, from Nursery
to Primary.
The end of year 2014 at Singapore ,With the initiative of the Mr. Abdul Karim
Bakri, an Cambridge Assessment meeting with Daryl Khong Country Mnager
Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand at Cambridge Assessment International
Education . The result of meeting , first step Darul uloom SD almukhlisun
must MoU with Cambridge Center Existing at Indonesia. On 23th of Maret
2015, Darul Uloom SD Almukhlisun was MoU of Al-Falah Tropodo as
Cambridge International Examination Center ID 290 and started Cambridge
Primary Progression Test (CPPT) dan Cambridge Primary Check Point (Check
Deeniyat and Tahfidz was established to build a school with a strong religious
curriculum similar to that of Darul Uloom Al-Fatah Temboro magetan which is
under the Branch and/or Steering . AL Fatah itself is well-known as the
Pondok Pesantren which ukhrawi (religious) curriculum include :

a. Al- Quran.
b. Tafsir dan Ilmu Tafsir.
a. Hadist dan Ilmu hadist.
b. Tauhid.
c. Fiqh dan usul Fiqh.
d. Ahkhlaq – Tasawuf.
e. Tarikh.
f. Bahasa Arab.
g. Nahwu – Sharf.
h. Balaghah.
i. Ilmu Kalam.
j. Ilmu Mantiq.
k. Ilmu Falak

.with that of academic studies to produce graduates of quality. The curriculum

which is Dirasah Islamah or Yellow Book and Cambridge includes : Science,
Mathematics, and English.

This significant increment in students’ enrollment is also supported by Mosque

Members and Trustee commitment to expand its facilities which can support
the latest teaching and learning activities.

With the strong commitment of all parties, Insha Allah Darul uloom
Islamic School will produce graduates who are faithful, religious, virtuous, and
possess superior academic knowledge to become Dai/Dai’ah with respobility
perfect of regilius to get Redaha ALLAH SWT dunia and aherat.