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Master of Business Administration

(Post Graduate Level – All Majors)

MGMT 621 – Strategic Management

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Assignment for MGMT 621 – Strategic Management 4-5

The tasks shown below constitute 40% of the overall mark. 60% of the overall grade is allocated
towards class activity for this MBA unit

Final Exam - Individual Assignment 40%

EXPO 2020 is around the corner and you have just completed your MBA. Assume that there
is a vacancy for a market research analyst in a reputed company (can be any industry of your
preference or the industry where you are currently working). All applicants for the position are
supposed to prepare a 1500-2000 word report assuming that the company is thinking of
expanding their product line. The report needs to contain the following details.

(Each answer carries 5 marks)

1.Perform Porters five force analysis to understand the forces that currently shape competition
within your chosen industry.

2.Apply VRIN, Value Chain and BCG Matrix as tools to assess the internal situation of your
company to judge the capability of developing a competitive advantage.

3.Design a Strategic Map to assess the market position of your competitors.

4.Construct a DPM to assess your firms’ strategic Business Units.

For those firms who does not have SBU’s, prepare a strategy canvas (having atleast two of
your competitors) and identify the Blue Ocean.

5.Elaborate on Core competencies and distinctive competencies of the firm.

6.Elaborate on the Organizational culture of the company.

7.Outline two feasible Internationalization strategies which can be adopted if the company
wants to expand their wings to a new foreign market.

8.Justify the Business strategy to be adopted for the new product – Low cost/ Differentiation/
Hybrid in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Special Note 2: The individual assignment is 40% of your overall marks and is to be undertaken
individually and is due on the 10th July 2019. Any submissions received after due date will be
subject to late submission penalty of AED.1,000.