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Q1. Explain how you will use both secondary andprimary sources to gather the required information.

Q2. Explain the role of Graphs and Diagrams? What are the types and general rules for graphical
representation of data?

Q3. What are the various components of an operating system?

Q4. Write in detail about various Math and Trigonometry functions available in MS- Excel with

Q5. Explain the important concepts in Research Design?

Q.6 Explain in detail about different sampling distributions.

Q.7 Write a note on measuring the power of a hypothesis test. Illustrate it with the help of an example.

Q.8 Explain in detail about various functions of an Operating System.

Q.9 Write in detail about various statistical functions available in MS- Excel with examples.

Q.10 Describe the chief features of a good research report. Give suitable examples.


Q1. Explain the steps involved in data mining knowledge process?

Q2. What do you mean by Analytical characterization?

Q3. Explain the Operational Data Store Structure with a neat diagram.

Q4. Develop the Apriori Algorithm for generating frequent item set.

Q5. What are the two approaches for extending the binary classifiers to handle multiclass problems?


Q.1 Discuss the architecture of IEEE 802.11 WLAN. Explain the function of different layers.

Q.2 Compare various multiple access techniques for wireless communication.

Q.3 Discuss enhancements in TCP for wireless networks.

Q.4 Explain in detail roaming support in wireless network.

Q.5 Explain in detail the wireless system security and privacy.