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Family from Pleasant Plains, IL is Showing Their Way of Paying It Forward

Through an SDWR Service Dog Volunteer Experience

Pleasant Plains, IL, July 21, 2019 --( The Shown family know all about how important service
dogs can be for an individual and family. Mr. Shown was the recipient of SDWR diabetic alert dog,
Samson in 2016. Samson is providing the comfort and reassurance necessary for the Showns and helping
Mr. Shown manage and face the everyday challenges with living with diabetes. The family is eager to pay
it forward and help another family receive their own service dog. For this reason, the Shown's say they
are the right fit for volunteering to raise Michael, a service dog in training for SDWR.

SDWR's service dog raiser program are volunteer families who agree to welcome a future service dog
into their home. Training and socialization takes an important turn in these homes for young service dogs
in training. It is in these volunteer homes that they become comfortable with home life, learn basic
obedience, and begin to experience the world through the love and dedication of our volunteers. SDWR
volunteer raisers are asked to take the service dogs in training everywhere - from work, to restaurants, the
library, on trips and even grocery shopping. This real world training imitates the experiences that the
service dogs need to successfully help become the best service dog possible for SDWR clients. SDWR
volunteer raisers keep the service dog in training for between 12-18 months.

About SDWR:
Service Dogs by SDWR has a mission to provide specially-bred dogs for individuals of all ages with
invisible disabilities like Autism Spectrum Disorder, PTSD, Seizure Disorder, or Diabetes. In addition to
the nearly 600 working dogs already placed, there are several hundred more actively enrolled in SDWR's

Service Dogs by SDWR is a non-profit organization based in Virginia, and relies on donations to help the
organization in its mission, "Until there's a cure .... there's a dog." To make a donation or learn more
about SDWR, please visit the website, To find out how you can volunteer or serve
as a service dog raiser visit

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