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On-Page SEO Techniques for Better Ranking in


On-page is all about optimizing the Title Tags, Meta

descriptions, Image Alt tags and much more. It all comes under
on-page SEO factors. Overall everything which you can do on
your blog or article post without someone else’s interference
and the optimization done by staying inside the dashboard is
known as the on-page SEO. Some big companies develop their
in-house SEO development team and most of the developing
companies outsource SEO services. ​SEO company in India offer
the best on-page as well as off-page SEO service with
affordable prices.Here are essential On-page SEO tips,
1. Fresh and high-quality content:

With the posting of more quality content, you can get more
traffic. Most of the website get better SEO results with the
posting and sharing the blog posts. Upload regularly post or
blogs so Google knows your website and it’s activity. It also
increases your backlinks because they are shared by your users
rather than you. Further, Google trust the websites more who
post or active regularly more. To get more connected with the
users or to get more users to control your websites bounce rate
constantly develop the new ideas and topics for your blogs by
answering the questions to your customers. It also helps your
website in getting ranked in voice search. Start answering all
your customer’s questions and get better SEO results from

2. Page Titles:

It is also known as meta title, first of all, check that all pages
and posts of your site have appropriate and unique titles. Also,
make sure that all these titles should include the targeted
keywords to your webpage. By adding modifiers such as Best,
2019, top 10, top 5 and much more like that will help you rank
for long tail keywords. It is recommended that not to keep
more than 70 characters in your meta title.
3. Increased Speed of your website:

It is very important to have a good speed site because you can

adversely affect your site even if it takes a very short delay in
loading. If you use any useless plugins and extensions just get
rid of them. Remove your slider plugin as people rarely click on
these offers and it can help your websites in speed up it’s
loading speed.

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4. URL Structure:

Use search engine friendly URLs to get better On-Page SEO

results. The URL mainly includes targeted keywords. Here are
the two most recommended URL Structures:

• Permanent Links: Develop a unique URL for each web pages

of the site.
• User Sitemap: contain the structure of the site in the URL
5. Link Back To Your Previous Content or posts:

The final step towards developing the most effective on-page

SEO strategy is to make sure that you spend quality time behind
linking back to relevant content on your website. Also, make
sure that you avoid over saturation your website content with
too many internal links. It is recommended that not to keep
more than 4-5 internal links on a 1000 words post.

We know that on-page, as well as off-page SEO, can sometimes

be a serious challenge to figure out for all of us, especially to
get better ranking in this competitive digital world. Get every
opportunity to increase your ranking factor. To get better
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