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Typical Sections of a Production Book

This is a suggestion, each show may have different sections depending upon the nature of the play,
musical, dance, or industrial type of event.

3 Ring Binder 2 -3 inches

Title Cover

Basic Tabs/Divider Titles (Printed)

1. Contact Information

2. Cast List

3. Scene/Character Breakdown

4. Calling Script (Sometimes a separate binder). This section would be tabbed, but the script not
added until just before technical rehearsals. Scripts change, so better to wait so the most
current version is the one that will have the cues for the show.

5. Blocking Script (Note: The script could be “tabbed” into the sections that reflect
Scene/Character Breakdown). Note place tabs for scenes on the last page of the previous scene,
not the first or second page of the scene.

6. Distribution

7. Calendar
a. Master Calendar (Rehearsal and Performance)
b. Technical Schedule
c. Weekly Performance Schedules

8. Daily Schedules or Daily Calls

9. Rehearsal Reports

10. Production Meeting Notes

11. Costumes

12. Lighting

13. Music

14. Sound
15. Props

16. Scenery

17. Precheck Lists

18. Run Documents

19. Cut Lists

20. Photo Call

21. Research

22. Miscellaneous