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End of year test

Name: Class:

1  45 Look at the picture. Then, listen and write T (true) or F (false).

1  The narrator is talking to Paul.

2  The narrator mentions the buildings in this order: skyscrapers, museums, restaurant,
hotel, bank, car parks, schools , shopping centres, offices.
3  The narrator mentions all the buildings represented by the icons in the picture.

2   Match the halves.

1  Ada Lovelace a  invented the light bulb.
2  A frog b  works on a ship.
3  John Logie Baird c  is in charge of a ship.
4  A centaur d  were giants with one eye.
5  Thomas Edison e  was half-man and half-horse.
6  A captain f  invented the television.
7  The cyclopes g  invented the computer program.
Photocopiable © Santillana Educación, S.L.

8  A cabin boy h  lives in a pond.

3   Order the letters. Then, label the pictures.

rwods  ginr  rirngeas  cborho  tearbecl


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End of year test

Name: Class:

4   Match the questions with answers.

1  Do you wear it on your finger? a Yes, he does.
2  Does he play computer games? b Yes, there was.
3  Were there any feathers on the snake’s head? c Yes, there are.
4  Can you fold fabric? d Yes, you can.
5  Are there any mountains in your country? e Yes, there were.
6  Was there a dragon in the story? f Yes, you do.

5   Look at Activity 4 and write the negative.

1  Yes, he does.
2  Yes, there was.
3  Yes, there are.
4  Yes, you can.
5  Yes, there were.
6  Yes, you do.

6   Label the pictures.

1 2 3 4
Photocopiable © Santillana Educación, S.L.

5 6 7 8


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End of year test

Name: Class:

7   Find twelve words in the word search. Then, classify them.

d b s p e a k e r s on an expedition
r e v m a t c h e s
a e a o n s l s k j
g t r u c k s a c k
o l b s z b r i a g
n e o e w e o l b u
on a ship
f r o g i h k e i a
l y t m a s t y n x
y t s a e g d s c o
s w e b c a m i p l

in a pond on a computer

8   Write the correct words.

1 the Internet at the weekend?

a Do you use b You do use c Do you
2 There aren’t on this computer. Photocopiable © Santillana Educación, S.L.

a some speakers b any speaker c any speakers
3 You can metal into shapes.

a to bend b bend c bending
4 She likes a bike.

a ride b rides c riding
5 Later the tadpoles froglets.

a become b eat c have
6 lakes in Spain?

a There are some b There are any c Are there any
7 What to take on the trip?

a you are going b are you going c are going

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