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It is a fact that technology has become a ubiquitous issue in our society, and it is not even worth
mentioning that smartphones are changing the way we receive and give information. Their
affordability and practicability make them a very useful tool to work with. Even though they are very
useful tools when it comes to manage data, smartphones might offer new possibilities concerning
learning. Many people agree with this statement; however, the big question remains: How can
learners use their smartphones to bolster their learning? This paper will analyse the possibilities of
using smartphones as a tool of learning and how it can spur students to be more autonomous.


Society is changing very quickly, and the traditional methods of teaching are gradually getting
obsolete. Because of its usefulness, practicality and affordability, smartphones are a potential tool to
enhance teaching and learning, however, using it wrongly it can become a double-edged sword.
Since smartphones are a communication tool, they offer a great amount of data, therefore, we are
expose to a great quantity of input. By changing specific settings, using specific apps and through a
new approach towards social media, learners might develop their communicative

receive more meaningful information through their smartphones

I state that smartphones are a potential tool of learning because

it may offer a great number of possibilities to receive, and improve both receptive and productive