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Cryochamber Lease Financing

Offered Through Trustworthy Third Party Lenders

Standard Program Highlights Financing a CryoUSA

• 100% financing including sales tax* cryochamber is
• 24 to 60 month term options 2% less than the
• Fixed term financing with a $1 buyout or 10% balloon buyout
competition! Based
• Retain liquidity and preserve your cash by leasing your equipment
on our “Best in
• 1 to 2 payments down at signing (depending on credit approval)
Class” industry track
• Quick response times between 24 & 48 hours
• Take advantage of substantial tax benefits record and high client
success rate, funding
Approval Requirements – Existing Businesses companies offer
• Signed and completed Credit Application better rates for our
• 2+ years in business under current ownership clients.
• Last 3 months bank statements showing adequate average balances
• D&B Business Credit Report Paydex score of 70 or better
• Minimum Fair Isaac considered is 625 or better

New Business Program and Requirements

• Financing up to $50,000 for one unit
(down payment may be required)
• Signed and completed credit application
• Proof of personal reserves via account statements
• Minimum Fair Isaac considered is 675 or better
• 100% financing for well-qualified clients with
significant net worth & income
• 100% financing for Medical Doctors

Dustin Christianson, Brickhouse Capital
Phone: (480) 948-5539

*All of the above programs are based on approved business & personal credit and are not a commitment to
finance. Programs are subject to approval by our credit department or the credit department of our affiliates or
assigns. Satisfactory bank reference with no NSF or overdraft activity, no personal or business bankruptcies,
business and personal credit free of any suits, liens or judgments, financial ratios to be used in conjunction
with standard acceptable ratios.

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